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Representative Office
in Chelyabinsk

A representative office of ENCE GmbH in Chelyabinsk was established in June 2015 for business development of the company ENCE GmbH at the territory of Russia and especially for project expansion and equipment and spare parts supplies based on customers’ requests for metallurgical enterprises.

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Representative office profile

The Representative Office aims at meeting the following challenges:

  • Continual contacts of the Representative Office employees with companies located in the city of Chelyabinsk and Chelyabinsk Region,
  • Talks and business meetings on deliveries of units and spare parts for rolling and pipe mills with involvement of technical experts from the Parent Company ENCE GmbH, as well as experts from engineering company Bukang, South Korea
  • Preparation of proposals and production drawings for manufacturing of parts and units of wear-resistant, heat-resistant alloyed steel, alloys, ceramics, and hard alloys
  • Optimization of equipment and spare parts delivery to regional companies
  • Arrangement of supervision over installation and commissioning works for the equipment delivered
  • Warranty and post-warranty maintenance of delivered lines and their spare parts

The following steel-making equipment is offered:

  • Hot rolling and cold rolling mills as well as their spare parts
  • Steel and cast iron rolls, work and backup
  • Pay-off reels and downcoilers for rolling mills
  • Gearboxes, pinion stands and parts of gear wheels of rolling mill drives
  • Spindles (gear-, roll-, ball-type, universal roller bearing spindle coupling) for torque transmission from motors to rolls.
  • Steel coil tilters
  • Coil weighing and packaging machines
  • Lifting magnets
  • Shop trolley cars for material movements
  • Hot dip galvanizing lines, including individual units and equipment:
  • Coilers and pay-off reels
  • Thickness gages of various types
  • Butt welding machines, as well as overlap welding machines
  • Vertical- and horizontal-type loopers
  • Electrochemical and hydro-dynamical strip cleaning sections
  • Non-oxidizing furnaces (NOF)
  • Jet cooling units
  • Galvanizing pots with refractory lining
  • Heating inductors for galvanizing pots
  • Ceramic submerged heaters
  • Gas burners
  • Skin-pass mills
  • Air knives for emulsion in skin-pass mills
  • Tension levelling machines
  • Two-side oiling machines
  • Passivation machines
  • Grinding machines for rolls and rollers
  • Shot blasting equipment for rolls and rollers
  • Water-cooled furnace rolls, transfer rolls
  • Submerged equipment (bottom, correcting and stabilizing rolls, journal bearings of Stellen (alloy) and ceramics; bearings can be manufactured with tungsten carbide spraying to improve resistance to abrasion)
  • Hot dip galvanizing lines for steel structures
  • Color coating lines
  • Steel strip pickling lines
  • Pipe mills
  • Electric-weld pipe mills
  • Automatic slitting lines
  • Reheating furnaces
  • Forging equipment
  • Roll grinders
  • Shot blasting machines for roll ragging
  • Nozzles for hydraulic descaling systems
  • Instrumentation for rolling mills
  • Electric equipment
  • Heat exchangers and capacitive equipment
  • Industrial waste water treatment plants

Besides large steel-making equipment, we offer deliveries of tailored spare parts.

  • Drive shafts of levelling machine roll drive
  • Process tools for pipe mill (mandrels, expanders)
  • Heat-resistant wheels for transportation of pipe workpieces
  • Transportation driven and idle rolls for pipe mills
  • Half-couplings of rolling mill drives
  • Silicon-coated squeegee heat-resistant rollers for polyethylene application
  • Brush screws
  • Pinion gear shafts of pipe mill drives
  • Rolls of reelers
  • Mold tubes

You are kindly requested to email proposals on cooperation in the region as well as inquiries for delivery of equipment to, Attn: ENCE GmbH management.

Our customers

The Representative Office of ENCE GmbH in the city of Chelyabinsk promotes its products to companies of Chelyabinsk Region

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