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Representative office in Atyrau

Company ENCE GmbH has been prolifically working in Atyrau region since 2003 and just since that year the company has its constant representative in Atyrau. In 2006 the company officially opened its affiliated representative office of ENCE GmbH

Local time
Representative office profile

The purpose of the affiliate foundation is establishing business with companies, located in Caspian Sea region in Kazakhstan.

The staff in the affiliate fulfills the following tasks:

  • Preparatory technical-commercial work for participation in tenders for supplying complete equipment and finished technological plants according to specialty of the company in Caspian Sea region.
  • Organization and participation in supervision and start up when installing of the supplied equipment.
  • After-sales service during the warranty and post-warranty period of the supplied equipment.
  • Detection and analysis of the current technical problems of the Customers in this region.
  • Compiling, collecting and checking the technical data while preparing by the Customers the technical tasks for the company.
  • Analysis of the current state of the market and alternative technical tasks, suggested for the Customers.
  • Organization of the technical-commercial negotiations with the Customers concerning the equipment and accessorizes supply contracts.
  • Staffing of the service department for maintenance of pumps, compressors, shut-off and control valves just within the affiliate.

Please send your requests on cooperation in region and equipment purchase inquiries and maintenance of compressors, pumps, shut-off and control valves to the following email address: attn. to head of the representative office, or attn. to the top management of ENCE GmbH.

Our customers

At the time the affiliated representative office in Atyrau deals and cooperates with the following enterprises:

AO Caspian pipeline consortium

Gas industry

TOO Gyural

Gas industry

GKP Atyrauvodok

Water resources

TOO Atyrau Su-Arnasi

Water resources

Western affiliate KEGOK


AO Atyrau-jarik


AO Mangistauskaya distributing electronetwork company


GKP Aktau electric network management


AO Kaskormashsavod

Mechanical engineering

TOO Caspian Sea region machine-building complex

Mechanical engineering

Corporation Basis-A


AO KasBurGas

Gas industry

TOO SP Stepnoy Leopard

Gas industry


The activities of the representative office in Atyrau which is located in the oil- and gas-bearing Caspian region offers the company ENCE GmbH big advantages in cooperation with the oil producing companies in Kazakhstan. Accordingly, the staff in the Kazakh representative is oriented towards design projects in oil and gas production and in oil refining.

The specialists of the Atyrau office together with the customers’ employees can design delivery options and various applications of control systems for directional drilling and a wide range of drilling rigs, can offer different options of annular space packers and other various drilling tools.

The workers in the representative of ENCE GmbH in Atyrau go far beyond the supplies and after-sales services of oil-and-gas equipment. They offer as well drum-type furnaces for drying and calcining bulk materials which are in great demand in nuclear industry of Kazakhstan required for calcining uranium peroxide.

In addition the specialists of the company ENCE GmbH will render technical assistance and help select equipment:

Complex oil treatment systems (OTP) for fields