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Representative office in Magnitogorsk

A representative office of ENCE GmbH in Magnitogorsk was established in November 2015 for business development of the company ENCE GmbH at the territory of Russia and especially for project expansion and equipment and spare parts supplies based on customers’ requests for metallurgical enterprises.

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Representative office profile

Significant isolation of the Southern Urals from the central part of Russia along with the active development of iron works in the Southern Urals and Chelyabinsk region as well as existence of one of the largest iron enterprises — Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) influenced the decision of the company management to open the representative office particularly in Magnitogorsk.

Please send your cooperation suggestions with the representative office of ENCE GmbH in Magnitogorsk with the enterprises of the Southern Urals as well as enquiries for equipment supply to the e-mail address: to the management of ENCE GmbH.

For more information about the activity of the representative office of ENCE GmbH in Magnitogorsk please visit our web-site


The purpose of establishing a representative office in Magnitogorsk is:

Active cooperation of the employees of the representative office with enterprises in Chelyabinsk region and in the Southern Urals and especially with Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK).

Negotiating and arranging meetings involving technical specialists of the head office of ENCE GmbH as to supplies of packaged equipment for various plate metal and rolling fabrication stages.

Arranging service visits for efficiency analysis of critical parts of metallurgical equipment and preparation of technical and commercial offers and fabrication drawings for production and supply of parts and units from wear and/or heat resistant steels, alloys, ceramic and compound materials, all made by technical specialists of ENCE GmbH and a mechanical and engineering department of BUKANG, Republic of Korea.

Management of supervision, maintenance and post warranty services of the supplied equipment