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Vapor recovery units of volatile hydrocarbons

Swiss engineering company ENCE GmbH together with its close-knit team consisting of technical and commercial specialists of service facilities and affiliated companies in different CIS countries is willing to carry out the following complex projects on the turnkey basis.


Application of VRU:

  • Loading terminals
  • Truck filling stations and truck tanks
  • Railway oil loading terminals
  • Petrol station
  • Oil tank farms
VRU Technical data:
Flow rate: 10 m3/h… 30 000 m3/h
Required power (average annual): 0,08 kW.h/m3 … 0,15 kW.h/m3
Recovery range: 97… 99,9% depending on vapour type
Allowable VRU constant overload: 150%, vapour recovery remains 90%
Unit construction versions for different applications

The recovery technology used by company ENCE GmbH in our VRUs is based on the cooling process with heating media recirculation.

Supplied units are designed for the following products' vapour recovery:

  • Light petrol, incl. methyl-tret-butyl-ether and ethanol mixtures
  • Diesel/petrol
  • Trichloroethylene
  • Naphta
  • Methylene chloride
  • Pentan
  • Acrylonitril
  • Crude oil vapour
  • Propylene oxide
  • Benzol
  • Xylol
  • Liquified petroleum gas
  • Sterol
  • Other volatile organic compounds and inorganic components

Required standard maintenance:

Units with efficiency up to 700 m3/hr: not required

Units with efficiency over 700 m3/hr: 2 oil filters twice a year

VRU payback period:

Depends on the application and recovery product and takes 6 months — 2 years.

The floor space required for a vapor recovery unit (VRU) (400 m3/hr) equals 12 m tank.

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