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Compact units for oil separation

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Extracted products may contain oil and water during well-drilling, their major repair works, well flushing and oil extraction. These extracted components may be in pure and emulsified state and be contained in product in different states, and all that complicates further oil refining. The solution of this problem consists in continuous separation of two-phase liquid into two separate flows by means of centrifugal forces. The separation will be made in a special centrifuge.

Operating parameters

Feed: up to 250 m3/h

Head: up to 4 bar

Overall block systems

Block design

Length: 5365 mm

Width: 3460 mm

Height: 4797 mm


Continuous separation of raw oil, produced water and drainage water.

System peculiarities

  • Simple and compact design with automatic mode of operation
  • Delivered as a compact, preassembled and tested system
  • Designed for use in explosive Zones 1 and 2
  • Light operational weight
  • Automated control system on the basis of Logical Controller application
  • Design in accordance with oil producing standards
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