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Oil-heating units

Manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH completes projects with the equipment of leading world manufacturers. In this regard, ENCE GmbH has a number of exclusive agreements on various industrial equipment deliveries with world manufacturers from Japan, the USA and Europe, which gives the benefits of buying this equipment at minimal prices to the Customers.



  • Designed with intermediate heat transfer agent
  • Designed with convection heater

Operation advantages:

  • Since there is no need to use additives, which are added into oil to improve its transportation characteristics, oil transportation costs will be reduced
  • As heating energy source for pumped oil itself as well as associated gas can be used as burner fuel
  • Closed cycle technologies are used to the utmost: furnace gases recirculation, use of constantly circulating non-toxical liquid heat transfer agent
  • High ecological compatibility of oil heating plants
  • Oil heating plants ensure preset oil pipeline process conditions; they correspond to high requirements of reliability, safety, automation and control levels, operational and economic parameters
Oil heating plant with intermediate heat transfer agent

Oil heating plant automatically maintains operating temperature set by the operator with 0,5% accuracy of the set value. And hereat heat transfer agent output temperature can reach 400°C. Oil heating plants have numerous safety systems, which allow them to function within prescribed frames. In case operating parameters go beyond allowable limits, the plant will automatically stop. Burner flame, heat transfer agent and flow exhaust temperature and combustion air pressure are constantly controlled.

Oil heating plant with convection heater

In oil heating plants of this type raw oil is heated as it transmits through the heat transfer coil. The coil is heated by convection gases that cover coil outer surface.

In order to increase efficiency and limit burner flame radiation, gases are recycled. The main advantage of this oil heating plant type is possibility to prevent surface liquid overheat coming from pipe wall, which allows using it for heating of overheat-sensitive raw oil.

A completely convectional heat exchanger configuration allows strict control of pipe wall surface temperature. The heater can operate at the surface temperature exceeding raw oil general temperature max. by 2,8°C. Plant capacity is from 0,8 to 37 MW. Heaters raise raw oil temperature up to the value specified by the customer, thus lowering its viscosity and ensuring conditions for further transportation by oil-trunk pipelines

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