and high-tech

Oil treatment plants (OTP) for deposits

Manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH completes projects with the equipment of leading world manufacturers. In this regard, ENCE GmbH has a number of exclusive agreements on various industrial equipment deliveries with world manufacturers from Japan, the USA and Europe, which gives the benefits of buying this equipment at minimal prices to the Customers.


Crude oil rate is customized.

The plant ensures the following process steps:

  • Technical record of facility intake gas/oil mixture
  • Phase separation of gas/oil mixture: oil, gas, water
  • Secondary phase separation of oil-water emulsion: oil, water
  • Treatment and partial dehydration of what is separated during primary gas separation
  • Treatment and separated water re-injection
  • Oil dehydration and desalting
  • Fiscal measurement of dehydrated and desalted oil

The unit completion is made to a Customer’s requirements.

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