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Delivery, installation and commissioning of production ammonia vertical pumps to JSC Ammoni, Mendeleevsk

July 215

The Service staff of production and engineering Company ENCE GmbH carried out installation and commissioning of vertical centrifugal pump stations made by Shin Nippon Machinery for production ammonia pumping from isothermal storage at JSC Amoni in Mendeleevsk, the Republic of Tatarstan– on time and ready for operation.

The delivery of pump stations was made by ENCE GmbH in close collaboration with its partner in Russia OOO INTECH GmbH in December 2014 within the project for launching a new enterprise JSC AMONI by name in Mendeleevsk, the Republic of Tatarstan. The launching project included ammonia / methanol production facility for the max capacity of 2 050t of ammonia a day and 668t of methanol a day.

The vertical centrifugal multistage pumps were designed meeting the specific requirements of liquefied ammonia pumping in a cold state with different number of stages (from 7 up to 14 stages) , made in specific stainless steels to be applied in cold environmental conditions driven by el. motors in ex prof execution - Exd IIC T4.