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ENCE GmbH management’s trip and business talks on cooperation of their company and the companies ANDRITZ METALS and OTTO YUNKER

October 2012

In October 2012 the engineering company’s management and the head of the department of metallurgy of the company ENCE GmbH visited companies ANDRITZ METALS / «АНДРИТЦ МЕТАЛЗ», Germany (SUNDWIG GmbH / («ЗУНДВИГ ГмбХ») and OTTO JUNKER / «ОТТО ЮНКЕР», Germany. The parties agreed on the development of cooperation in Russia and coordination of intercommunication on several current projects.

Besides, the organization of the service center based on the representative offices of the company ENCE GmbH in Russia (Moscow, Lipetsk, Cherepovets) was discussed.

It was agreed with thecompany «ОТТО ЮНКЕР» that the service center for the maintenance of OTTO JUNKER/ОТТО ЮНКЕР furnaces would be organized in 2013 on the basis of the Moscow representative office of the company ENCE GmbH. It is planned that several specialists of the company It is planned that some specialists company ENCE GmbH will get a training at OTTO JUNKER/«ОТТО ЮНКЕР» production facilities in Germany and continue study while participating in the mounting and commissioning directly on site of the customers’ new mounted furnaces. The specialists of the engineering company ENCE GmbH looked at the production facilities of the company OTTO JUNKER/ «ОТТО ЮНКЕР» and took part in demo start-up of the stand reproducing the industrial heating conditions and different modes of the strip samples’ cooling process developed by the company OTTO JUNKER/«ОТТО ЮНКЕР». By this the initial parameters (thickness, width, material) of the strip are set individually according to the customers’ requirements. The stand allows setting the optimal work parameters of the unit cooling the strip of the material, preset by the customerwithout fail at the design stage. The specialists of the engineering company ENCE GmbH noticed another original development of the company OTTO JUNKER/«ОТТО ЮНКЕР» — a stand on modeling on an industrialscale of the system generating the air cushion under the strip of the material in the wide range of this stripparameters setting.

The representatives of the engineering company ENCE GmbH got acquainted with the workshops of the company ANDRITZ METALS / «АНДРИТЦ МЕТАЛЗ», separate units of the strip pickling line , roll-grinding machines of the company ANDRITZ METALS / «АНДРИТЦ МЕТАЛЗ» and with high accuracy rolling mill for the rolling of the thinnest stainless strip, and visited the working slitting-and-shearing line of the roll material as well. This slitting-and-shearing line can receive and pack the special cut sheets from aluminum of different thickness and steel of different thickness of a sheet.