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Manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH, Switzerland, has a number of representative offices and affiliated companies in different countries all over the world:

General information

ENCE GmbH appears to be a joint owner of BK AMSOL CO., LTD machine building plant located in the Republic of Korea, that promotes development and manufacture of especially critical units of equipment, shut-off and control valves for corrosive and abrasive mediums as well as complex and heatproof components made of special steel, alloys, bronze and ceramics.

Thus the nature and mission of engineering by ENCE GmbH come true to life:high-tech solutions and their efficient manufacturing application ensure that our Clients enjoy access to high quality products, a reliable perspective and professional service!

Date of establishment of ENCE GmbH: 15.04.1999.
Authorized capital: 200,000 CHF
Address: Landweg 1, CH-6052, Hergiswil, Switzerland

Manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH completes projects with the equipment of leading world manufacturers. In this regard, ENCE GmbH has a number of exclusive agreements on various industrial equipment deliveries with world manufacturers from Japan, the USA and Europe, which gives the benefits of buying this equipment at minimal prices to the Customers.

Manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH, Switzerland, has a number of representative offices and affiliated companies in the Europe:

  • Company’s manufacturing facilities: BK AMSOL CO., LTD machinery construction plant in the Republic of Korea, Yeongcheon
  • Representative office in the Republic of Korea

The extensive network of representative offices, branch offices and service facilities established by manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH in various countries in Eastern Europe along with the head office experts makes it possible to tackle any issues in the shortest possible time that the customer may have, including the following:

  • collection of initial data on the project, filling in of questionnaires, selection and analysis of present-day production samples, execution of required measurements and sketches on site
  • quick technology choice and optimal solution of the task set by the Customer
  • optimal selection of the most efficient equipment of the world manufacturers taking into consideration energy-saving technologies
  • complete delivery of process units and equipment on a turnkey basis under DAP or DDP Customer’s warehouse terms while meeting warrantee obligations regarding the supplied plant as a whole
  • installation supervision of equipment, service project monitoring, commissioning and after-sales service by the experts of local service facilities and the head office
  • after-guarantee provision of the Customer with materials and spare parts on Customer’s warehouse terms
  • flexible system of financing projects under implementation

An individual specialized subdivision that carries out complete engineering of tasks set by the customers is in charge of each industrial area in manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH.

Constant experience interchange with other subdivisions, trainings abroad at manufacturing and scientific facilities of partners make employees of ENCE GmbH broad specialists that master up-to-date technologies and solutions. The accumulated knowledge and experience allow our experts to offer interesting engineering solutions even in difficult technical and production conditions in metallurgy, power energy, chemical, gas industries.

Production modernization, or energy-saving engineering, belongs to the key activity of ENCE GmbH. Its purpose is to increase production output while reducing power inputs for it at the same time.

The supplied complete plants and manufacturing lines are assembled and tested at manufacturing facilities of European branch offices of manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH and on sites of partner companies. The assembled plant is strictly tested in line with the established branch standards and rules before shipment to the customer. By request the customer can visit the assembly shop and attend the testing of the ordered plant or separate equipment directly before the delivery of the goods to him.

If the customer wishes to find out about the equipment record history and opinions of the attending personnel ENCE GmbH can also arrange a visit to the manufacturing facilities where a plant or equipment with similar parameters delivered to another customer is operated.

Apart from traditional purposes of industry development directed at increasing output of natural resources extraction and processing in gas, chemical, metallurgy, ore-dressing and power industries ENCE GmbH pays significant attention to ecological problems in these industries. In this connection the company constantly investigates into the weakest and most sensitive points while developing and offering its customers increasingly new and up-to-date solutions that are capable of producing a result in solving production problems that were previously unsolvable.

The development of own manufacturing facilities at BK AMSOL CO., LTD plant in the Republic of Korea plays a special part in the company’s structure and its scope of interests. The plant is focused on manufacturing of special wear-resistant or heat-resistant parts made in accordance with the Customer’s requirement specifications. The specialists of ENCE GmbH Engineering and Service Departments regularly visit directly the customers’ manufacturing sites or facilities to analyze the weak points of the major process equipment and to make proposals for its modernization using special parts made of wear-resistant materials. The specialists of ENCE GmbH prepare detailed drawings and choose chemical composition of materials for trouble-making parts in accordance with the specific operation conditions. The plant can also produce parts made of several materials, for example, stellen and ceramics.

ENCE GmbH manufacturing capabilities

Manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH is ready to prepare detailed drawings, choose appropriate materials and deliver the parts and units made of special stainless steels, stellen and other abrasion-resistant and heat-resistant alloys, various types of ceramics, bronze and materials with special coatings:

  • bottom drums, stabilizing and adjusting rollers, levers and special parts for the steel strip hot galvanizing line;
  • bushings, liners, plain bearings made of stellen and ceramics;
  • turbine blades made of stellen and other alloys;
  • parts made of stellen and stainless steel with ceramic coatings or inserts, including the operating parts for shutoff and control valves, industrial pumps and compressors;
  • furnace rolls made as heat-resistant parts;
  • conveyor rolls;
  • clutches, pinions, toothed gear wheels, pinion-type and worm-type gear pairs;
  • spindles and cardan shafts for low-speed heavy-duty drives;
  • special parts made of bronze and brass;
  • rolls for cold rolling and hot rolling mills.

Innovations and new industrial developments

In such an instable present-day world constantly harried by crises and defaults the maximal results are achieved by companies which give attention to innovations and usage of recent developments. It is not for nothing that such developing countries as China, India laid a course for industrial modernization and innovative developments.

Manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH, in cooperation with the specialists of affiliated companies, also pays special attention to innovations and industry upgrading. Our company is ready to offer you a number of innovative developments used in practice which ensure a real breakthrough in competitive activity:

  • Manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH offers fuel plants running on natural gas or other types of gaseous hydrogen raw stock. These plants allow to get electricity and heat on the basis of catalysis without wearing and noisy rotating units. The plants have a very high efficiency of 60—95 %, and require only minimal maintenance during 5 years of operation. The plants can generate electricity from 100 W till 2800 kW and they do not take much room for installation. Energy prime cost is several times less the price for electricity generated from network.
  • Effective power plants based on external combustion engines, for carbon, coal, blast-furnace and biogas recovery at gas fields, chemical, metallurgical, pulp-and-paper and other industrial plants.

    During gas recovery, electric and heat energy is generated. The plants are widely used both as средств heat and power utilities for local objects and as energy-saving solutions for considerable savings of energy resources purchased for large-scale manufacturing plants. One unit can produce about 100 kW/h total electric and heat energy.

  • The latest achievement of manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH in power engineering. The rationale behind this solution was that the plant would be fuelled by associated gas, i.e. contaminated unstable gas with hazardous sulfur compounds and nonsteady calorific value. Other key factors that were taken into consideration when developing the solution include the possibility to employ the technology across various climatic zones as well as stable operation and guaranteed results. This small-sized process unit of thermal and electric energy, with the unit efficiency as high as 90%.
  • ENCE GmbH offers modernization of existing metallurgy and chemical productions through advanced energy-saving technologies.

ENCE GmbH is ready to participate in other innovation projects and introduce these innovations into the industry. The company is willing to consider any innovative ideas enabling to increase productive efficiency and making our world the better place.

More information about innovations in industry:

  • Catalytic cracking. EURO 5 gasoline production.
  • Separation of gaseous mixtures for fuel gas preparation.
  • Innovations in energy saving.

ENCE GmbH manufacturing and engineering company offers the following technological solutions:

Gas industry, chemical industry:
  • Sealed systems for unloading and loading. Loading stands
  • Vapor recovery and recuperation systems for railway tank cars
  • Methanol vapor recovery and recuperation systems
  • Gas drying
  • Gas purification and gas purifiers systems
  • Hydrocarbon gas treatment plants
  • Hydrocarbon gas stripping plants
  • Aluminum domed covers for tanks
  • Burners and flare systems
  • Waste burning furnaces, incinerators
  • Analyzers
  • Automatic thermoplastic processing machines (injection molding machines)
  • Extruders and extrusion lines
  • Waste treatment facilities and filters (various types)
Mining and mineral processing industry:
  • Drum-type calcination kiln
  • Weighting feeders
  • Hydraulic cyclones
  • Conveyor-type analyzers
  • High-angle conveyors
  • Sampling for mining industry
  • Filter presses
  • Equipment for machinery construction industry
Also, jointly with the German company Andritz-Zundwig, ENCE GmbH manufacturing and engineering company can offer to deliver complete sets of metallurgical equipment and integrated solutions, such as:
  • rolling mills for cold strip rolling;
  • lines for hot galvanizing of coiled steel;
  • lines for application of paint, varnish and polymer coatings on strips;
  • modernization of furnaces intended for various purposes.
Packaging equipment:
  • Vacuum packaging machines
  • Weighting equipment
  • Weighting and metering systems
  • Bag palletizing systems
  • Packaging equipment for bulk materials
Manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH can also complete the units, as well as deliver separate equipment and parts:
  • Pump units
  • Shutoff and control valves
  • Compressor units
  • Expanders
  • Heat-exchange apparatuses: Shell-and-tube and plate-type heat exchangers
  • Refractory materials
  • Industrial gas products heaters
  • Generators

Please do not hesitate to contact any subdivision of manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH with any problem you might have. We are always glad to help you.