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The company ENCE GmbH, Hergiswil, Switzerland together with its service centers in Moscow, Kiev and Almaty carries over comprehensive projects as well as supplies separate processing equipment and auxiliaries to the Customers in CIS and Eastern Europe in various industries such as.

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Oil and gas industry
Chemicals and petrochemicals
Ore-Dressing Industries
JSC Odessa Port Plant (OPP)

Directions: Chemicals and petrochemicals

Ukraine, Odessa

Producing and overload of ammonia and urea.

JSC Sumykhimprom

Directions: Chemicals and petrochemicals

Ukraine, Sumy

Producer of titanium dioxide, pigments, fertilizers (superphosphate, ammophos, diammoniumphosphate), coagulants, sulphuric and wet-process phosphoric acid etc.

KarpatSmoly Ltd

Directions: Chemicals and petrochemicals

Ukraine, Kalush

Producer of urea-formaldehyde resins (UFR) and concentrates.

ZAO Lakma

Directions: Chemicals and petrochemicals

Ukraine, Kiev
ZAO Lakma

Producer of paints and varnishes.


Directions: Chemicals and petrochemicals

Ukraine, Rubezhnoye

Producer of various industrial use explosives.

JSC Ammofos Maxam

Directions: Chemicals and petrochemicals

Uzbekistan, Almalyk

The company produces multiple nitrogen phosphorus fertilizers.

JSC Maxam-Chirchiq
(former Elektrkimyosanoat), 4 reviews

Directions: Chemicals and petrochemicals

Uzbekistan, Chirchiq

One of the largest producers in Uzbekistan of ammonia, fertilizers, nitric acid, catalysts, etc.

JSC Grodno Azot

Directions: Chemicals and petrochemicals

Republic of Belarus, Grodno

Producer of ammonia, urea, urea ammonia mixture, ammonia sulphate, methanol, caprolactam, etc.


Directions: Chemicals and petrochemicals

Lithuania, Jonava

Producer of ammonia, urea, polyvinyl acetate, ammonium nitrate, methanol, etc.

PAO Severstal

Directions: Metal

Russia, Cherepovets

One of the world’s largest steel producers with operations in 10 countries. In 2010 Severstal’s steel production volume amounted to 14,7 million tonnes.

PJSC Magnitogorsk iron and Steel Works

Directions: Metal

Russia, Magnitogorsk

Russia’s largest steel production complex comprising production stages from raw material preparation to downstream processing of ferrous metals. In 2010 production volume made up 11,4 million tonnes of steel and 10,4 million tonnes of metal products.

PAO Novolipetsk Steel

Directions: Metal

Russia, Lipetsk

One of the world’s leading suppliers of slabs and transformer steel. The largest supplier of pre-painted, galvanized and electrical steel and long steel products. Annual production volume is 12,6 million tonnes of steel.

LTD Evraz Holding (EVRAZ Group S.A.)

Directions: Ore-Dressing Industries, Metal

Russia, Moscow

One of the largest steel, mining and vanadium companies with operations in several countries. Production capacity makes up 16,3 million tonnes of steel per year.

Russia, Nizhny Tagil

Part of EVRAZ Group S. A. Producer of rolled products for railways, including: rails, wheels and tyres, wide-flange beams, profiled columns, as well as pipe blanks for pipe plants and structural steel products.

Russia, Novokuznetsk
JSC Consolidated West Siberian Iron and Steel Works (JSC ZapSib ZMSK)

Part of EVRAZ Group S. A. Produces coke chemical products: coke, coal concentrate, ammonium sulphate, benzene, toluene, etc. Other products include iron and steel casting, forged pieces, and rolled products (rods, angle bars, beams, channel bars, wire).

Russia, Novokuznetsk
JSC Novokuznetsk Iron and Steel plan (NKMK)

Part of EVRAZ Group S. A. A leading rail producer

PАО «Mechel»

Directions: Metal

Russia, Moscow

Russia’s leading mining and steel company operating in several countries around the world. The company’s production capacity totals approximately 6 million tonnes of steel, 5,4 million tonnes of rolled products, 3,3 million tonnes of coke per year. Owns power generating assets.

Russia, Chelyabinsk

Part of PАО «Mechel». Produces pig iron, steel semi-finished, long and flat products from different grade steel.

Russia, Beloretsk

Part of PАО «Mechel». Produces steel ropes, spring wire, reinforcement strands, high-strength wire and bearing wire, as well as micro-wire.

Russia, Izhevsk

Part of PАО «Mechel». Russia’s leading specialty steel and stainless long products manufacturer.

United Metallurgical Company (OMK)

Directions: Metal

Russia, Moscow

Some products include: pipes for various applications, railway wheels, springs, rolled products, cast iron, ferrovanadium, coke, micro steel wire.

Russia, Vyksa

Part of OMK. Produces pipes for main gas and oil pipelines, general purpose pipes (water and gas supply pipes), casing pipes, shaped pipes.

Russia, Chusovoy

Part of OMK. Some products include: cast iron, vanadium cast iron, nitrided and siliconized ferrovanadium, vanadium pentoxide, automobile spring plates, etc.