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The company ENCE GmbH, Hergiswil, Switzerland together with its service centers in Moscow, Kiev and Almaty carries over comprehensive projects as well as supplies separate processing equipment and auxiliaries to the Customers in CIS and Eastern Europe in various industries such as.

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Oil and gas industry
Chemicals and petrochemicals
Ore-Dressing Industries
PJSC Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant

Directions: Metal

Russia, Chelyabinsk

Produces welded, hot seamless finished pipes of small and large diameters, tubing and casing with couplings, seamless cold finished pipes, lined and profiled pipes, etc.

Russia, Pervouralsk

Part of PJSC Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant. Produces seamless and welded pipes, lined and profied pipes, return bends, compressed gas cylinders, etc.

JSC Metallurgical Plant ELECTROSTAL

Directions: Metal

Russia, Electrostal

Produces a range of products made from heat resistant alloys, precision and titanium alloys, stainless steel, high speed steel, tool steel, ball bearing steel, structural steel.

JSC Ashinskiy Metallurgical Works

Directions: Metal

Russia, Asha

Producer of hot rolled sheet and plate metal products, cold rolled sheet metal products, amorphous alloy steel bands, magnetic cores, etc.

LLC TechInvestStroy, 4 reviews

Directions: Metal

Russia, Kashira
LLC TechInvestStroy

Production and marketing of galvanized 0,3—1,3 mm-thick sheet steel.

ZAO Filit Moscow Pipe Plant

Directions: Metal

Russia, Moscow
ZAO Filit Moscow Pipe Plant

Producer of carbon and stainless grade steel

SC Moscow Special Alloy Processing Plant

Directions: Metal

Russia, Moscow
SC Moscow Special Alloy Processing Plant

Russian Aluminum United Company

Directions: Ore-Dressing Industries, Metal

Russia, Moscow

RUSAL UC is a leading, global aluminium producer and one of the world’s major producers of alumina.

Russia, Krasnoyarsk

Part of RUSAL UC. Accounts for 24% of aluminium production in Russia. Produces primary aluminium, alloys (slabs, billets, ingots), high purity aluminium, etc.

Russia, Nadvoitsy (Karelia)

Part of RUSAL UC. The smelter’s annual capacity is 81,000 tonnenes of aluminium. Produces primary aluminium and aluminium alloys.

Russia, Kamensk-Uralsky

Part of RUSAL UC. Produces primary aluminium, slabs, small ingots from aluminium alloys and alumina.

Russia, Novokuznetsk

Part of RUSAL UC. Produces primary small and large ingots, T-bars, billets from aluminium alloys.

Russia, Sayanogorsk

Part of RUSAL UC. Produces primary aluminium, slabs, T-bars, billets.

Russia, Achinsk

Part of RUSAL UC. Alumina of the highest grade (G-00), calcined soda. Capacity makes up 1,069,000 tonnes of alumina per annum.

ZAO Vektron Managing Company

Directions: Ore-Dressing Industries, Metal

Russia, Moscow
ZAO Vektron Managing Company

Managing company of a high-quality galvanized steel/steel products production group.

Russia, Dzerzhinsk
LTD UNISTUD (United Studs Company)

Part of ZAO Vektron Managing Company. Produces flat-rolled galvanized steel products. Capacity amounts to 60 000 tonnes of galvanized steel.

LTD UGMK Holding

Directions: Ore-Dressing Industries, Metal

Russia, Verkhnyaya Pyshma

One of the top Russian producers of major commodities including copper, zinc, coal, gold and silver. Additionally UMMC produces lead, selenium, tellurium, cadmium and indium.

Russia, Krasnouralsk

Managing company — LTD UGMK Holding. Integrated blister copper plant which annually processes 2,6 million tonnes of ore.

Russia, Revda

Managing company — LTD UGMK Holding. Some products include: blister copper, sulfuric acid, potassium ethyl xanthate, tripolyphosphate, etc.

Russia, Gay

Managing company — LTD UGMK Holding. The enterprise is one of Russia’s largest plants producing copper and zinc concentrates, construction crushed stone, limestone, etc. Main produce includes: copper concentrate, zinc concentrate, copper pyrite, crushed stone, ceramic tile

Russia, Uchaly

Managing company — LTD UGMK Holding. Produces copper and zinc concentrate, sulfuric flotation pyrite.

JSC GMK Norilsk Nickel
Polar Division

Directions: Ore-Dressing Industries, Metal

Russia, Norilsk

Produces copper-nickel sulfide ores, enriches ores to produce nickel, copper and pyrrhotite concentrates, which are further processed into marketable copper, elementary sulfur, sulfuric acid, marketable nickel and cobalt, as well as into precious metals, silver, selenium and tellurium.

JSC Vorkutaugol

Directions: Ore-Dressing Industries, Metal

Russia, Vorkuta

Part of JSC Severstal Mining Division. One of Russia’s largest producers of coking coal — an indispensable metallurgical industry raw material.

(Kachkanarsky Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise)

Directions: Ore-Dressing Industries, Metal

Russia, Kachkanar

Part of EVRAZ Group S.A. One of the largest iron ore raw material producers in Russia.

JSC Vysokogorsky GOK 
(Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise)

Directions: Ore-Dressing Industries, Metal

Russia, Nizhny Tagil

Part of EVRAZ Group S. A. Main produce: iron ore extracted from open and closed pit mines, magnetically separated concentrate, blast-furnace sinter, limestone, dunite, crushed stone, sand and crushed stone mix, and some other products.

JSC Kovdorsky GOK
(Ore Mining and Processing Facility)

Directions: Ore-Dressing Industries, Metal

Russia, Kovdor

Part of Company EuroChem. Kovdorskiy GOK is a large, backbone enterprise in Kovdor, Murmanskaya Oblst. Russia’s second largest producer of apatite concentrate and the only producer of baddeleyite concentrate in the world. A large producer of iron-ore concentrate.

LTD Rostov Electrometallurgical Works

Directions: Ore-Dressing Industries, Metal

Russia, Shakhty

LTD REMZ is a new type of plant producing high quality steel utilizing continuous casting method. Plant capacity amounts to 730 000 tonnes of steel per annum.