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Module-Type Formation Pressure Maintenance Plant

Manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH completes projects with the equipment of leading world manufacturers. In this regard, ENCE GmbH has a number of exclusive agreements on various industrial equipment deliveries with world manufacturers from Japan, the USA and Europe, which gives the benefits of buying this equipment at minimal prices to the Customers.


Formation pressure maintenance systems perform the following functions:

  • Formation water lifting and pipeline transportation
  • Bed stimulation by means of pressure build-up
  • Local water injection into bed and produced water pumping

Pump stations for formation pressure maintenance systems consist of the following systems:

  • Fluid registration and preparation system (suction pipeline)
  • Regulation system (discharge pipeline)
  • Automatic control complex (pump control station)

This plant package allows doing the following:

  • Maintain optimal pump operation
  • Make emergency shut-down in case of critical parameter value achievement

All the equipment is installed in a block-box.

The station operation is performed automatically with a preset pumping volume. Frame type block-boxes are equipped with heating systems (designed for operation at ambient temperature from +35°C to -50°C), ventilation and light.

Advantages of Formation Pressure Maintenance Systems:

  • Block design concept of construction
  • Small block dimensions
  • Possibility of quick transformation and block moving to a new place
  • Decrease of expenses for preparation of ground for block installation
  • Use of wide range of pump units completing the block
  • Possibility to carry out scheduled operations as well as mounting/dismantling works without involvement of any additional hoisting equipment (truck cranes, loaders etc.)
  • All-weather block design
  • Possibility to connect the block to the system of automatic industrial process control of maintain formation pressure

Upon the Customer’s request, any unit which is a part of the oil treatment plant (OTP) can be supplied apart from the complex in accordance to specific process conditions.