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Installation and commissioning supervision

In 2014, the company service department of the manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH was modernized and considerably branched out in. The service department was divided into a pump and compressor department and a metallurgical one.

Installation and commissioning supervision of ENCE GmbH service department in 2014

All the specialists from a pump and compressor department completed the training programme in design features and application technology of a pump and compressor equipment of different models according to the classification by functional principle. In the course of training analysis studies, specifications and instructions, worked out by the company’s department, were used. Besides further trainings on the base of process equipment manufacturers, with which the company ENCE GmbH has long term cooperation and partnership agreements, were used for specialist upgrading in the current year.

Particularly, besides standardly used pump constructions special attention was paid to the studying installation peculiarities, operation and maintenance service of the OILGEAR company low-speed piston pumps, which operational aspect consists in tens of times working piston speed reduction and the same operating cycle reduction of the valve couples by using a unique piston system construction along with a hydraulic drive. It allows the specialists of the company ENCE GmbH to introduce up-to-date equipment with an extended service life and energy saving mode of operation into an engineering and manufacturing process.

In 2014 the service department specialists visited enterprises of metal and chemical industries for doing the service work and measuring problematic parts, particularly the following was done:
  • Start-up supervision of horizontal twin shell-and-tube exchanger item 603 in producing ammonia in JSC FerganaAZOT, Fergana

  • Axial-piston pump (Oilgear Pvg100) inspection

  • Successful reconstruction of bearing lubrication system of the main drive of the plunger-type high pressure pumps Wepuko

  • Installation supervision of vertical centrifugal pump system of the company Shin Nippon Machinery for product ammonia

  • Commissioning supervision of oil-free piston double-stage compressor

  • Drawing set for submersible equipment problematic parts for sheet metal of hot dipped galvanizing lines

  • Mould tube working drawing of the continuous -casting machine for applying was worked out.

  • Work analysis of fast wearing parts was performed and a set of working drawings of rolling mill troubled items and jointing equipment was worked out.