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Supply of a low-temperature CO-conversion catalyst for KazAzot JSC, Kazakhstan

Name: Low-temperature CO-conversion catalyst
Purpose: Used at the stage of CO units conversion of ammonia production and at hydrogen production units by the reaction of CO and steam to produce H2 and CO2
Volume: 44.25 m³
Production Ammonia
Form: Tablets, diameter 5.2 mm, length 3.0 mm, bulk density loaded 1360 kg/m³
Cu expressed as CuO – 51%wt dry
Zn expressed as ZnO – 31% wt dry
Al expressed as Al2O3 – the rest

Composition of the process gas at the reactor inlet, % vol. (dry gas)

H2 60.31
N2 20.92
CO 3.00
CO2 15.12
CH4 0.24
Ar 0.30
Cl expessed as HCl max. 0.005 ppm vol. (dry gas)
S expessed as H2S max.0.05 ppm vol. (dry gas)

Operating parameters

LT-circuit reactor inlet temperature (SOR) 200 °C
Pressure 25 kgf/cm² (g)
Process gas flow rate (dry gas) (approx. corresponds to ammonia capacity 680-690 t/24 h) 95000 Nm³/h
Catalyst loading 44.25 m³