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Decanter centrifuge supply to an enterprise active in the field of manufacturing and packaging of pipeline systems in the gas, chemical, energy and nuclear industries

Technical description

Vertical decanter centrifuge with a single rotor drum unloading liquid by transfusion.

Rigid centrifuge driven by a lateral electric motor.

  • Rotor diameter: 500 mm
  • Rotor height: 320 mm
  • Rotation speed: 225 - 2250 rpm
  • Total volume (transfusion): 35 dm3
  • Sediment volume: 18 dm3
  • Separation G factor at max. speed: 1.414 g
  • Permissible water flowrate: from 25 to 40 l/min

The centrifuge is designed for high-performance decanters dewatering of sludge (3-6 g/l) formed during the purification of chemically polluted effluents in the civil chemical industry. The equipment is not laboratory.

AISI 316 L stainless steel cylindrical rotor without baffles or separator with 1 set of 2 plugged holes (stainless steel screws) in its lower part (for residual liquid draining with the stopped rotor).

The rotor is statically and dynamically balanced according to ISO 21940-1 quality standard G6.3.

Mounted on large ball bearings with double PTFE cup seals. Top flanges and baffler are from stainless steel. Bearings lubrication via grease nipples.

Electric braking.

External SS casing forming a frame is mounted on 4 vibration-isolating supports (Gripsol rubber plate), and is also equipped with 1 filtrate outlet pipe DN 40.

Base plate made of low-carbon steel.