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Exhibition in Almaty

October 2004

On 5.10.2004 — 8.10.2004 our company, jointly with PLIBRICO, Austria, took part in KIOGE 2004 Exhibition in Almaty. ENCE GmbH has been the official partner of PLIBRICO in Central Asia and Kazakhstan for three years.

The common stand displayed lining materials for gas-processing, power engineering, chemical and metallurgical industries. PLIBRICO products have been largely known on the territory of the CIS countries since the Soviet times, developing a sound reputation of exceptionally reliable and durable ones.

The exhibition visitors were signally interested in the refractory lining for cracking and reforming process, desulfurization units (Claus units) and incineration furnaces, as well as in the refractory concrete mix lining for open-hearth furnaces and scoops.

It’s noteworthy that the working life of PLIBRICO lining materials is several times as long as that of analogous Russian and Chinese products — an advantage implying guaranteed material profit in the context of continuous operation procedures. The exhibition was also the place of presentation of the ENCE GmbH office in Almaty, an event several representatives of Kazakh enterprises were guests of.