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Exhibition MITEK 2003 in Almaty

September 2003

ENCE GmbH / Switzerland and its partner CH Warman Slurry Technologies FZE / RSA participated in one of the biggest Central Asian Expos — Mining World Central Asia 2003. This Expo represents mining industry, mineral resource industry and mining equipment. It gives its participants a unique chance to find, establish and strengthen contacts with equipment manufacturers, traders and consumers themselves — Central Asian mining enterprises.

The Expo Stand of CH Warman and ENCE GmbH was a success. This is due to the unique and, at the same time, rather simple construction of CH Warman pumps. The major advantages of these pumps are a quick-split wear-proof casing protected by the easily replaceable liner from different materials (rubber, high-chromium alloys, polyurethane, ceramics), a specially constructed bearing unit, seals designed to operate under severe service conditions. These parts guarantee a long service life of each pump.

Trade brand “Warman” means quality and high technologies in the slurry pump production. The Company’s scope of supply includes pumps designed to operate in all installation conditions with any medium. Mining enterprises from all over the world have already had an opportunity to assess the advantages of Warman products. More than 43000 Warman pumps operate nowadays in the world.

There was shown a video presentation of Warman submersibles at the Expo. The submersible slurry pumps are designed to pump viscous pulp containing large particles (up to 70 mm). These unique pumps could solve lots of problems at the mining enterprises as for sump and drainage cleaning. The video was a success among the visitors.

Numerous meetings and negotiations with the visitors who had got interested in our Expo Stand were held both at the Expo and out of it. We were impressed by Almaty and its entertainment center “Medeo” located at 3000 m above sea level in a picturesque gorge.

On the whole it is worth saying that the co-operation with Kazakhstan enterprises is much promising, and the Expo proved this fact.