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Heavy-duty Turning Lathes

ENCE GmbH offers a large number of rigs on the lathe group machines, which significantly expands their technological capabilities.

Turning Lathes Type ENW 1600-2400

Turning Lathes Type ENW 1600–2400

Application:Line of universal turning lathes, which are suitable for boring of swing work pieces, for example, external cylindrical surfaces, internal holes, taper and thread machining.

Design features

  • Fitted with three guide ways, providing bigger loading capacity, strong rigidity and high accuracy
  • Main DC drive with digital control, 3 grades of mechanical or hydraulic speed change, spindle speed range can achieve 1:200
  • Feed driving is connected to the main driving, this allows increasing carriage travel and thread chaser
  • Tailstock built-in rotating center increasing loading capacity, 2 grade manual traversing function, and motorized tailstock traversing make operation easier
  • Usage of high-accuracy bearings with double-row short cylinder rollers in spindle bearing allow regulating radial clearance


Operating Data: Type ENW1600 Type ENW1800 Type ENW2000 Type ENW2200 Type ENW2400 Standard Set
Swing over bed 1600 mm 1800 mm 2000 mm 2200 mm 2400 mm 4-jaw chuck
Swing over cross slide 1250 mm 1450 mm 1650 mm 1850 mm 2050 mm Tool box
Centers distance 3m, 4 m, 5 m, 6 m, 8 m, 10 m, 12 m, 16 m
Max. weight of workpiece between centers 32 t
Bed width 1600 mm
Spindle bore 125 mm Options
Spindle taper 120 mm taper 1:7 Close steady rest
Range of spindle speed 0.86–160 r/min manual operated gear 3 infinite speed variation(hydraulic) Open steady rest
Feed box Milling device
Metric threads range(pitch) 2–40 mm Grinding device
Inch thread range 1–14 Locking device of chuck
Worm thread range (Module) 1.5–20 mm Digital readout device
Longitudinal feeding range 0.125–4.8 mm/spindle each lap Face plate
Cross feeding range 0.063–2.4 мм/ spindle each lap
Fast travel (longitudinal/cross) 3000 mm/min, 1500 mm/min
Tool rest
Tool section 70×70 mm
Max. cross travel of carriage 700 mm
Max. travel of middle tool rest 600 mm
Dia. of tailstock quill 300 mm
Taper of tailstock quill 100 taper 1:7 of tailstock quill 300 mm
Steady rest
Close-type steady rest 400–750 mm
Open-type steady rest 650–1200 mm
Main motor 75 kW (DC)
Fast feeding motor 1.5 kW
Fast feeding motor in tailstock 1.5 kW
Center Distance | Net weight | Dimensions 3000 37500 8600×2480×2280
4000 39000 9600×2480×2280
5000 40500 10600×2480×2280
6000 42000 11600×2480×2280
8000 45000 13600×2480×2280
10000 48000 15600×2480×2280
12000 52000 17600×2480×2280
16000 58000 21600×2480×2280