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Versatile (multipurpose) milling machines

The Swiss manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH was established in 1999, offers equipment and components from production site in the Republic of Korea.


Compared with horizontal milling machine, it has additional spindle head on the sliding overarm besides the main one; additional head can move in two mutually perpendicular planes in any direction; structurally both simultaneous operation and isolated operation using both spindles are possible. In this type of machines the adjustment of transferrable milling cutter on the rotary cutter is possible due to such structural adjustment; machining of complex work pieces is possible using such type of machines, not only using milling operation, but also using drilling, boring and core drilling procedures.

Kneeless design of versatile milling machines is possible; with such design, the carriage with horizontal guides slides with vertical working surface and grooves moves along vertical base guides, on which the table and other attachments are fixed.

Design of such type of machines to fit wide operating conditions makes them in demand and suitable first of all for development and tool shops, for production of different attachments, wide range of tools, stamps, templates etc.

MN-series milling machines

Are multipurpose milling machines used for workshops, piece production, design engineering and in-plant training.


MN 1 V-series

  • Infinite rotation speed using hand wheel
  • Very large table with large process stroke
  • Coolant feeder
  • Table feed type TV 1000 X-axis
  • Adjustable dovetail guides
  • Supplied with ball screws X and Y axis for high working accuracy at min. power expenditure

MN 1-series

  • Rotation speed regulation using V-belt changeover
  • Multipurpose use
  • The head can turn around three axes:
        right + left bend 90°
        forward + back bend 45°
        turns around column 45°
  • Three automatic drilling feeds
  • Coarse hand quill feed, switch to precise hand feed
  • Quill with automatic depth micrometer stop
  • Spindle adjustment ISO 30
  • Reverse right-left travel switch
  • Centralized spindle, feed nut and guides lubrication system
  • Hand spindle brake
  • Finished product report
Operating parameters

Technical data MN 1 V MN 1
Table size 1245x230 mm 1060x230 mm
Process travel X-axis / Y-axis 745/305 mm 600/340 mm
Travel along the knee (z- axis) 405 mm 340 mm
Quill travel (z-axis) 127 mm 127 mm
Spindle adjustment SK/ISO 30 ISO 30
Quill feed (3) 0,04; 0,08; 0,13 rpm (3) 0,04; 0,08; 0,15 rpm
Longitudinal table feed (TV 1000) 19–890 mm/min
infinite control
rapid travel
Quality of T-slots 3x16 mm 3x16 mm
T-slots width 63,5 mm 63,5 mm
Rotation speed 70–3600 rpm,
80–4500 rpm
Extension 171–476 mm 171–476 mm
Main motor power 2,25 kW 2,2 kW
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2045x1630x2070 mm 2000x1600x2088 mm
Weight 950 kg 1100 kg
Multipurpose milling machine MN 5 V-series
  • Stable, large-power motor 3,75 kW
  • Spindle ISO 40
  • 3 automatic drilling feeds
  • Coarse hand feed for the quill, switching to precise hand feed
  • Quill with automatic depth micrometer stop
  • Reverse right-left travel switch
  • Spindle brake
  • Weight 1590 kg
  • Wide sliding guides on Y, Z-axis
  • Infinite speed control
  • Head swivel to ±90°
  • Table feeder TV 1000 on X, Y-axis, infinite control with rapid travel
  • Coolant feeder
  • Chip hood
  • Centralized lubrication
  • Ball spindle screw X and Y-axes as an option
Operating parameters

Technical data MN 5 V
Table size mm 1370 x 250
Travel along X, Y, Z-axes mm 800 x 405 x 456
Quill mm 127
Spindle taper ISO 40
Quill feed (3 stages) mm/r 0.04, 0.08, 0.15
Infinite control speed range rpm 70 - 3600
Spindle motor V / kW 400 / 3,75
Max. table load kg 350
Weight kg 1590
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 2540 x 2156x 2235
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