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Gas industry
Ore-Dressing Industries
Russia, Stariy Oskol
JSC Oskolsky Elektrometallurgichesky Kombinat (OEMK)

Delivery and commissioning of the three-plunger pumping unit, ATUMAT Typ WOMA 250 ARP

Russia, Severodvinsk
PO SevMash

Design of stands for testing, washing and degreasing of pipelines at ships and stands for cooling system tests at ships

Russia, Verkhnya Salda
JSC VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation Public

The automatic system for inner cleaning of the chamber in DTVG-7PF-I1 furnace, including control, installation, commissioning and setting-up.

The project has been prepared, The mold washing and drying stand for the DTVG-7PF-I1 furnace, including control, installation, commissioning and setting-up.

Design and delivery of the hydrodynamic unit for casting mold cleaning in vacuum arc furnaces, workshop No.32.

Development of the project for high pressure setting used to clean the top covers in skull furnaces.

Engineering of nitric fluoric etching titanium solution treatment unit

Russia, Nizhni Tagil

Technical re-equipment of the profile foundry workshop, the slag roasting area.

Design, delivery and commissioning of the ladle drying and heating station.

Development of the project for operation of gantry robots for wheel and tire production.

Kama Metalworks Plant TEMPO CJSC

Development of the project of the NC machine for 3D drilling of beams, with three drilling bits at the machine’s left, upper and right sides and with automatic lubrication.

Russia, Shakhti
LTD Rostov Electrometallurgical Works

Development of the project and delivery of shears for cold bar cutting, with the maximum cutting force 100,000 kg and the blade width 1200 mm.

Russia, Podolsk
Transformer JSC

Development of the project of the slitting line with an uncoiler, a slitting machine and a coiler provided with an AC drive, for coils, with the maximum width 1250 mm, outer diameter up to 1600 mm, material thickness 0,23—1.5 mm.

Russia, Tula

Development of the project of the unit for two-sided disc polishing, with the grinding wheel diameter 850 mm.

Development of the project of the four-roll reversing cold mill, for a workpiece thickness up to 2,0 mm, width up to 750 mm, length up to 2000 mm.

Russia, Tula

Design of equipment and technology for the workshop for metal cord and boat wire making.

Russia, Bugulma
PO Vektor LLC

Development of the project of the uncoiler with a four-segment drum (segments are unclamped by ±150 mm), with the material thickness 0,21—0.7 mm, the coil width 1240—1550 mm.

Russia, Kaluga
Kaluga Non-ferrous Metal Processing Plant CJSC

Development of the project of the four-roll reversing cold mill.

Development of the project of the two-roll reversing cold mill.

Development of the project of the slitting line for coils, width 150—400 mm, thickness 0,3—5.0 mm, inner diameter 400—500 mm, outer diameter 1300 mm. The speed line is up to 100 m/minutes.

Development of the project of the degreasing and pickling line.

Russia, Ryazan
Tyazhpressmash OJSC
Development of the project of the pneumatic tube transport system for the delivery of samples from the melting area to the laboratory

The design of the pneumatic system for sample transportation and loading is based on a single-tube system. The same tube is used to deliver a box with the sample from the dispatch station to the destination station and backwards. When the discharge station air is used, the average speed is below 12 m/s.

Armenia, Erevan
Rusal-Armenal CJSC
The project of the press for aluminium foil waste briquetting

The press is provided with two compression stages and designed for pressing aluminium foil wastes, thickness up to 4 mm (steel) and up to 10 mm (non-ferrous metal). The press is provided with hardened prismatic knives on the edge of the removable cover and the chute; these knives are usable at four sides.

Engineering and delivery of push bushings for the rolling mill, engineering and delivery of toothed parts, pinion shafts and gear couplings for the rolling mill, engineering and delivery of steel bandages for rolls in the mold of the continuous-casting machine.

Russia, Mikhailovsk
Urals Foil OJSC

Development of the project of the machine for levelling by stretching and bending, for aluminium foil, with the speed up to 300 m/minute for the coil, thickness 0,2—1.5 mm, width 600-16-50 mm, diameter up to 1800 mm, weight up to 20 tons.

Russia, Cherepovets
PAO Severstal

Development of the project for coating workshop waste water treatment.

Development of the project for copper removal from pickling solution at the continuous pickling units for roll stock.

Engineering and delivery of submersible equipment for hot-dip galvanising lines

Submersible roller bushings made of stellen.

Engineering and delivery of spindles and gears for hot roll stock production mills.