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Closed flaring systems for Gaseous Waste Burning

Swiss engineering company ENCE GmbH together with its close-knit team consisting of technical and commercial specialists of service facilities and affiliated companies in different CIS countries is willing to carry out the following complex projects on the turnkey basis.


Engineering company ENCE GmbH offers various flaring systems configurations to burn gaseous waste effectively and cleanly, without any smoke and with much lower noise.

Closed ground-based flaring systems offered by company ENCE GmbH are engineered in accordance with customers’ specifications and improve general system performance.

Closed flaring systems features:

  • Any hydrocarbon gas smoke-free burning
  • Work with closed flame
  • Wide operating range
  • Multistage system of burner gas and steam flow control
  • Aerodynamic fence serves as a screen against noise and radiation and directs air stream
  • Completely positive operation and maintenance experience
  • Quick and simple mounting
  • Smoke-free low pressure gas burning without steam, air or other auxiliary medium


  • Lower environmental impact in comparison with traditional flares
  • High flexibility of technological characteristics
  • Steam consumption decrease
  • Nonhazardous burning near production facilities
  • It can be positively chosen for any process in which closed ground flares are used
  • Installation cost reduction