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Submersible Pumps with Agitator

Swiss engineering company ENCE GmbH together with its close-knit team consisting of technical and commercial specialists of service facilities and affiliated companies in different CIS countries is willing to carry out the following complex projects on the turnkey basis.


Application: heavy duty submersible slurry pumps with ZUK2 Series agitators are destined for the most difficult pumping conditions and heavy abbrasive mediums.

Application fields of the pumps:

  • Lime slurries pumping
  • Wash down sumps
  • Slag pits
  • Mill scale
  • Ash transfer
  • Food waste pumping
  • Sand and gravel dewatering
  • Barge & tank cleanout
  • Coal runoff sumps
  • Tailings ponds
  • Silt removal
Specifications of the pumps:
Flow rate: from 300 to 6300 l/min
Head: up to 30 m
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