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Oil-and-Gas Pipeline Cleaning Systems

Swiss engineering company ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) together with its close-knit team consisting of technical and commercial specialists of service facilities and affiliated companies in different CIS countries — ООО «ИНТЕХ ГмбХ» (LLC INTECH GmbH) Moscow, Russia, ТОО «ИНТЕХ СА» (LLC INTECH SA) Almaty, Kazakhstan, ООО «ИНТЕХ СА» (LLC INTECH SA) Kiev, Ukraine, is willing to carry out the following complex projects on the turnkey basis.


For cleaning oil-and-gas pipeline inner surfaces, maintenance works and emergency shutoff, company offers the following technical solutions and equipment:

  • Pig receivers and launchers
  • Scrapers of various versions from 2″-56″
  • Welding tools
  • Leak sealing plugs
  • Compression plugs
  • Compensation plugs
  • Insulation plugs for high pressure pipelines
  • T-bends for spheres to pass
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