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Gas Compressors, High-Pressure Pumps of SUNDSTRAND Corporation (Sundyne) (France)

The Swiss manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH was established in 1999, offers equipment and components from production site in the Republic of Korea.


Company ENCE GmbH supplies all Sundyne centrifugal pump and compressor types as well as spare parts and components.

We offer high-speed single-stage centrifugal Sundyne pumps LMV и HMP which are used in electric power, inorganic chemistry, gas production, as well as metallurgical and food manufacturing industry. The pumps have had industrial application for a few tens of years. They are different from standard high pressure pumps due to their innovative pump technology which has the following main features:

  • Simple single-stage design with high shaft speed
  • Space-saving size
  • Application of multiplying gear unified design
  • A pump with optimal characteristics in accordance with Customers’ technical requirements is designed due to customized selection of model, diffuser and shaft speed
  • Special inducers are used for NPSH decrease
  • The pumps are manufactured acc. to API standards

This experience let the company’s specialists elaborate a part interchangeability summary table of early and late production years for various pump types with part reference designations, which help to avoid problems connected with discrepancies between later and earlier spare parts having different coupling sizes, dimensions and materials.

If you cooperate with our company ENCE GmbH, you are sure to avoid unpleasant surprises connected with the above mentioned problems which occur so often in our unstable time.

Application of Sundyne and Sunflo high-pressure pumps
  • Chemical industry
  • Food manufacturing industry
  • Energetics
  • Metallurgy
High-Speed Gas Compressors Sundyne

Capacity: up to 17000 nm3/h
Max. operating pressure: up to 100 bar
Rotor speed: up to 50000 rpm

Single-Stage Centrifugal High-Pressure High-Speed Pumps

Flow-rate: up to 250 m3/h
Operating pressure: up to 200 bar