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Test Benches for Pipe, Valve, Reservoir Valve and Critical Block Hydraulic Testing

Swiss engineering company ENCE GmbH together with its close-knit team consisting of technical and commercial specialists of service facilities and affiliated companies in different CIS countries is willing to carry out the following complex projects on the turnkey basis.


Company ENCE GmbH will make customized engineering, selection and turnkey installation of hydraulic testing benches.

Hydraulic testing benches are made of world-known manufacturer component parts by hands of German engineers. This serves as guarantee of manufacture quality, safety, long operating life and ease of work and maintenance.

Testing bench application:

  • shutoff valve strength and leakage hydraulic test
  • Housing part pressurization test of heat exchange and capacitive equipment
  • Cylinder strength and leakage test
  • pipeline strength and leakage test
  • safety relief valve setting and hydraulic tests of strength and leakage
  • Christmas tree tests

Hydraulic testing bench design:

  • On a base frame for indoor mounting
  • One whole block-container for outdoor installation


  • Operating medium — process or recycled water
  • Pressure source for hydraulic testing is a piston pump unit (hand pump)
  • Flange connection dimensions: from NP 25 up to NP 1500
  • Max. possible pressure — 4500 bar
  • If required the testing bench can be supplied complete with water precleaning unit