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Water-Jet Surface Cleaning Stations

The Swiss manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH was established in 1999, offers equipment and components from production site in the Republic of Korea.


Company ENCE GmbH offers Stationary and transportable high- and superhigh-pressure water-jet stations with process conditions up to 3000 bar and water flow up to 3070 l/min, equipped with electric motors or internal combustion motors, plunger pumps, control and monitoring devices, nozzles and accessories. Complex water-jet units with water heating system and operating pressure up to 800 bar for pipe cleaning, reservoirs, casting moulds and containers.

Process conditions of the pump system:

Operating pressure: up to 3500 bar

Flow rate: up to 3070 l/ min


  • Stationary
  • Transportable

A special programme list for plants includes the following items:

  • Manual extending peak nozzles for calcinator cleaning
  • High-pressure nozzles for cleaning, protective layer removal and selective material removal
  • Self-propelled and externally operated rotor nozzles for surface preparation
  • Cleaning heads for reservoirs, containers, mixers etc.
  • Positioning control units and coil systems for cleaning heads and rotor nozzles
  • Pipe cleaning heads and nozzles
  • High-pressure abrasive water-jet cutting systems for construction and equipment dismantling
  • Transportable systems for IBC container cleaning
  • Process wastewater recovery module systems

Company ENCE GmbH offers a two-pump directly coupled system for simultaneous work with several high-pressure nozzles.

The pump units have the following features:

  • Protective frame designed for safe helicopter transportation
  • Pneumatically operated start, which can be operated by external air or control panel
  • Explosion protection EEx eIIB T3
  • Electrical part grounding
  • Exhaust gas cooling system
  • Gas sensor
  • Pneumatically operated pump control system which includes electric control