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Energy units-Based Heat and Power Station

ENCE GmbH Engineering Company offers innovative energy-saving technologies stations and plants for generation of electricity, heat and cooling (trigeneration) based on energy units- within the framework of complex measures aimed at enhancing economy’s energy efficiency.

Innovations in energy

The extensive way of energy sector development is the trivial increase in volume of mined fuels in the far-off regions and the increase in quantity of new power facilities built with old technologies. The intensive energy sector development emphasizes effective power-saving and provides for the use of innovation technologies to generate heat and electricity.

The objective of ENCE GmbH Engineering Company is enhancement of energy saving along with improvement of the ecological situation and environment protection that are burning issues in many regions. New consumers may be connected with minimum expenses for development of auxiliary infrastructure. Alongside with that there is no problem finding land for new energy facilities and there’s no need to organize sanitary and protection zones.

Mankind at large exerts negative impact on the environment. One can dramatically reduce this impact implementing innovative power generation technologies free from emission of greenhouse gases, detrimental impurities, burning residues.

ENCE GmbH Engineering Company believes that the most promising technologies is the innovative power generation technology used in energy units, i.e. oxidation of liquid or fluid fuel without burning it.

Heat and power plants on energy units are manufactured for industrial as well as for domestic use.

An energy unit is a device that makes it possible to produce electricity and heat from fuel with high hydrogen content in the course of a silent flameless electrochemical reaction. Unlike other power generating devices, like internal combustion engines, turbines that burn gas, oil, coal, energy units don’t burn any fuel. Thus there’s no need for noisy high pressure rotors, high level exhaust noise and there’s no vibration. Chemical energy of fuel is directly transformed into electricity, heat and water.

There are several types of energy units depending on application conditions and the fuel type. The types of fuel used include natural gas, propane, synthesis gas, methanol, diesel fuel and pure hydrogen.

Due to a number of undeniable advantages over traditional power sources and power supply schemes autonomous heat and power stations on energy units take more and more significant place in production of «green» energy and heat. In addition, they are installed directly at the consumer’s location. The important stimuli for its widespread usage are also the increase of the gas prices, as well as charges for services of gas and power providers.

This innovation opens a new door for usage of energy unit-based power plants.