and high-tech

Portable stations (less 1 kW)

ENCE GmbH Engineering Company offers innovative energy-saving technologies - stations and plants for generation of electricity, heat and cooling (trigeneration) based on energy units- within the framework of complex measures aimed at enhancing economy’s energy efficiency.


Energy units of this class are used in:

  • Electric appliances, communication tools
  • Portable devices

Portable energy unit-based power sources are characterized by high energy efficiency. The smallest of them are made to be used instead of the batteries in mobile phones, laptops and other portable electronic devices. They are low powered, maximum 100 W.

Its main innovative advantage is the usage of methanol — cheap liquid fuel that is easy to transport, store and distribute and has extremely high specific power capacity. The larger stations are made to be used in low power energetic. Innovative energy units with direct oxidation of methanol are an ideal and reliable energy source for mobile and portable devices with the power up to 250 W. They are used all over the world as an effective power source for recreation and leisure activities, electric vehicles, non-electrified industrial machinery and mobile and stationary devices of special purpose.