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Hydrogen fueling stations

ENCE GmbH Engineering Company offers developing, assembly, completing and turnkey delivery of hydrogen fueling stations, made to the customer’s order. Capacity and operational characteristics of the station are designed individually to an order of each customer and his demands. The stations are manufactured according to the American Security Standards, therefore these are absolutely secure technical solutions tried through practice.


Fueling stations are turnkey delivered, which means availability of all necessary internal connections, fully automated operation mode and easy assembly.

The system can be easily integrated into an existing fueling station or built on a new site.

Benefits of the offered fueling stations:

  • Zero emission through entire system
  • Fast fill (SAEJ 2601 fueling protocol)
  • Fuel cell grade hydrogen (99.999%, SAE J2719, ISO 14687)
  • Turnkey, compact, modular and extendable design with increasable capacity
  • On-site and on demand hydrogen production
  • Fully automated
  • Central control system
  • High efficiency
  • Full maintenance contract
  • Worldwide start-up and after-sales service
  • Highly qualified service team
  • Designed to the highest hydrogen fueling station safety standards
  • Power management system for renewable energy source connections