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Heat and Power Systems with External Combustion Engines

ENCE GmbH Engineering Company offers innovative energy-saving technologies - stations and plants for generation of electricity, heat and cooling (trigeneration) based on energy units - within the framework of complex measures aimed at enhancing economy’s energy efficiency.


Application: electric power and heat generation.

The systems are widely used in the sphere of electric and heat power generation at small-scale industrial facilities.

The main operating unit of the system is an external combustion engine put into operation due to temperature difference between external heating and cooling sources. Heat can be supplied by external heating source or generated by burning a wide range of fuels inside the combustion chamber (natural gas, propane, coal gas, synthetic gas, and biogas).

The process results in rotation of the generator mounted on the engine, whereby energy is generated. There are no valves in the external combustion engine. It is hermetically sealed, and air is heated and cooled by means of hot and cold loop heat-exchangers. Supplementary heat generated in the working process is used for production of electric and heat power.

The systems are manufactured in the form of compact modules, one having dimensions of 2,5×0,9×2,0 m and weight of 1800 kg. They provide electric power of 38 kW while one module produces 65 kW-h of recovered heat and can have a combined heat and power production system supplied in a special order. Total efficiency achieves 75%.

ENCE GmbH Company offers utilization of these energy-efficient innovative heat and power systems based on external combustion engines for small-scale electric power and heat productions, using gaseous fuels. During combustion almost 100% of hydrocarbons are burnt with very low emissions. The systems are fully-automated and provide reliability and a long service life. They are low-maintenance, can be mounted on unprepared sites, run quietly and without vibration.