and high-tech

Midrange stations (less 1 МW)

ENCE GmbH Engineering Company offers innovative energy-saving technologies stations and plants for generation of electricity, heat and cooling (trigeneration) based on energy units- within the framework of complex measures aimed at enhancing economy’s energy efficiency.


ENCE GmbH Engineering Company suggests that energy units of this class are used in:

  • Industrial, municipal and public services objects
  • Factories
  • Cool storage plants
  • Offices
  • Telecommunication centers
  • Supermarkets
  • Sport facilities
  • Objects in ecologically clean regions that are removed from gas and electric networks
  • Objects that can’t get power sources due to the limits on gas and power supply in the location
  • Dormant deployment facilities
  • Autonomous objects, buildings and constructions with high and uneven energy consumption.

Decentralized stationary plants are made for combined production of heat and electric power, and in combination with cooling devices of absorption type — for combined production and trigeneration of electric power, heat and cold.

Power stations can be used with a number of different gaseous or gasified types of fuel that are characterized by low toxic emissions and high power and thermal efficiency coefficient. It emits 35–40% less carbon dioxide to the atmosphere than a regular gas-powered power plant (per each KW/hour of produced power), or 67% less than a coal-powered station. They are made for continuous operation for several years. The level of toxic emissions (carbon monoxide, nitric oxides etc) of the new power station is really low. Its advantage is no power losses during distribution of electricity in industrial network that ensures high energy efficiency.