and high-tech

Large stations (more 1 MW)

ENCE GmbH Engineering Company offers innovative energy-saving technologies - stations and plants for generation of electricity, heat and cooling (trigeneration) based on energy units- within the framework of complex measures aimed at enhancing economy’s energy efficiency.


ENCE GmbH Engineering Company offers the following application for these stations:

  • At mid-power plants and power plants in the direct generation and protective capacity subsystems
  • In hybrid systems of power, heat and cold generation
  • Fuel reserve systems

Innovative stationary power stations on energy units produce high quality ultraclean electric power with 47% efficiency coefficient 24 hours 7 days a week. These stations are meant for commercial and industrial use and allow easy transportation, reliable and noiseless operation, easy planning of the industrial site.

In general energy unit heat and power plants have the following distinguishing features:

  • High efficiency coefficient of 60–95%
  • Wide range of electric power from mWs to MWs of AC or DC
  • Low cost price of electric power
  • Do not require maintenance in the first five years of operating life
  • Have no rotating, movable and easily worn parts
  • No special foundation is required during installation
  • Lack of noise and vibration during operation
  • Wide range of climatic designs
  • Low level of emissions, highly ecological
  • Wide range of models for a variety of power needs
  • High energy efficiency
  • Reliability, failure-free operation and safety
  • Fully automatic

ENCE GmbH Engineering company can engineer the optimal usage of energy units for each particular case, electric and installation clamping circuits, installation or turnkey basis furnishing, warranty and post-warranty maintenance for 20 years. ENCE GmbH Engineering Company can offer a provide range of services for local consumers, including plants certification, customs clearance of equipment, flexible payment terms and payment in local currentcy, equipment supply directly to the production site and independent installation of the equipment.