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Tuyer tops of oxygen converter

In its program, Production and Engineering Company ENCE GmbH highlights the most significant metallurgical equipment; this equipment complies with the highest international quality standards and may be offered to customers at competitive prices.
Tuyer tops of oxygen converter

The manufacturing and engineering company ENCE GmbH offers different auxilliary equipment required for a stable operation of steel production. In particular, in order to improve the oxygen-converter melting, the company offers forged oxygen tuyere tops of increased durability. A сopper tuyer top is one of components of an upper blowing tuyer. It is meant for oxygen gas direct feed into converter tank through a nozzle block. Tuyer top operates in reaction zone at melt temperature more than 2000 °C and is cooled by process water along the closed tuyer loop. During the tuyer operation, an intensive erosion occurs, which leads to tuyer wear with further replacement.

The company ENCE GmbH offers forged copper tops (over 400 melts) of increased durability in comparison with traditional welded tuyers which durability is less than 100 melts. This is reached by decreasing the number of connection welds and form of separation tube that ensures the cooling water flow direction towards the top.

By agreement with the customer, the company ENCE GmbH can offer a form of tuyer top according to its operation conditions and structural features of the tuyer itself. The top can have 4 to 6 de Laval nozzles.