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Steel Strip Color Coating Lines

In its program, Production and Engineering Company ENCE GmbH highlights the most significant metallurgical equipment; this equipment complies with the highest international quality standards and may be offered to customers at competitive prices.


Engineering company ENCE GmbH in collaboration with ANDRITZ METALS / АНДРИТЦ МЕТАЛЗ, Germany SUNDWIG GmbH / (ЗУНДВИГ ГмбХ) offers complex steel strip color and polymeric coating lines with the following basic characteristics:

Incoming material: galvanized strip
Strip thickness: 0.2–2.5 mm
Strip width: 500–2000 mm
Coil weight: 2 — 32 tons
Process speed: up to 200 m/min
Coating types: polyester, epoxy, acrylic, PVC and others

The line consists of:

  • Input section: (similar to the strip galvanizing line)
    • Coil rack
    • Loading carriage
    • Dual decoiler system
    • Dual guillotine shears
    • Butt-welding machine
    • Looping pit
    • Disc shears
    • Stretching machine
    • Stretching rollers
    • Multistorey storage loop (accumulator)
  • Strip preparation section
    • Strip surface degreasing bath with brushes
    • Strip washing bath
    • Electrolytic pickling bath
      • Designed for increasing the strip surface roughness
    • Strip washing bath
  • Strip drying section
    • Electric infrared furnace with ceramic reflectors and tungsten quartz shortwave lamps
      • It has a strip width control system and quickly switches off in case of shutdown
  • Precoating section
  • Strip color coating section
    • Roller machine for two-side or one-side color coating ( chemical coater)
    • Electric infrared furnace for color coating curing
      • Designed for evaporating water vapor and solvent
      • Provided with exhaust system which removes gaseous wastes to the incinerator connected with the precoating system
  • Cladding coating section
    • Laminator with a system of cladding rollers
      • The film is applied by hot laminating method (rollers apply softened film to the full width of the strip)
    • Disc shears
      • Designed for cutting the side edges of the film
  • Strip straightening section
    • Strip alignment system
    • Stretch straightening machine (machine for straightening by stretching)
    • Strip cooling section
  • Output section:
    • Strip feeding device
    • Vertical storage loop (accumulator)
    • A feeding device with a mechanical side guide
    • Surface quality control system
    • Dual tension reel for finished strip (coiler)
    • Strip marking plant
    • Horizontal shears for finished strip
    • Overhead crane
    • Tilting cradles for finished coils
    • Finished coils rack
Additional information

The website of the company ENCE GmbH contains the detailed description of the process technology and equipment configuration:

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