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Tilters, holding devices and coil tongs for steel coils

In its program, Production and Engineering Company ENCE GmbH highlights the most significant metallurgical equipment; this equipment complies with the highest international quality standards and may be offered to customers at competitive prices.


The Engineering Company ENCE GmbH offers a number of auxiliary equipment and component parts for coiled steel cold rolling process and for coiled steel automatic processing lines (steel strip pickling lines, steel strip hot galvanizing lines, lacquer and polymeric coating lines, coiled steel slitting and cut-to-length lines and etc.)

In particular, the company ENCE GmbH can supply various types of tilters, holding devices and tongs for steel coils handling.

Tilters with electric drive for steel coils

Application: steel coils position change from horizontal to vertical and inversely, with weight from 1.5 to 30 tons.

These tilters can also be used for different types of cargoes which makes them all-purpose. Usage of these tilters allows increasing considerably handling works safety and efficiency as well as improving their quality. The tilter design provides for electric driveworking with supply voltage from 230 to 460 V.

Tilter Performance Specification

Lifting capacity, kg Value
1500 915 1020 1070 1500 560
3000 1220 1320 1900 635
4500 1220 1120 1220 1320 1380 1900 660
7000 1220 1120 1220 1320 1500 1930 720
10000 1380 1524 2160 790
15000 1525 1430 1525 2400 870
18000 1525 1730 1730 2570 1040
23000 1830 2090 2900 1070
30000 1830 2140 2930 1100
Tiltermodel FZ-10 specifications:
Maximal lifting capacity, t: 10
Powerconsumed, kW: 4.4
Tilting speed, seconds: 20–50
Tilting angle: 90º.
Coils: max dimensions, mm: 1400×1400×1000 мм
Electric power: 380V, 50Hz

Technical description:

  • Special double-chain drive is activated through helical gear in the worm-gear reducer
  • Electric control panel
  • Accurate adjustment of floor level
  • Four-roll device, rolls are lined with polymeric coating
  • Drive is equipped with frequency converter.
  • Tilter can be stopped at any tilting angle
  • Emergency stop, interlock for prevention of turn
  • V-shaped platform for coil centering
  • Pit for pallet
  • Pallet centering device for accurate pallet placement
  • Moving platform for bringing a coil to the pallet

Scope of supply:

  • Tilter with V-shaped platform with switches and contactors,
  • Main engine with frequency converter,
  • Distribution cabinet,
  • Guard railings,
  • Control panel,
  • Tool box
Tilters with hydraulic drive for steel coils
Industrial tilters with electric drives

Application: turning and rotating (tilting) of different cargoes.

Design features

Industrial Tilter consists of a traverse with rollers, electric drive and slings which can be textile, rope or chain.

Application of the chain slings provides a more secure cargo fixation during handling works, because the chain fixes the load at least on three sides. They are necessary when titling the cargoes with high surface temperature and with sharp edges.

When using industrial tilters it is possible to easily and safely lift and turn various cargoes including large, fragile and painted cargoes. A few tilters can be used simaltenuously if it is necesary rotate large-tonnage structures. The tilters do not require a lot of operators.

Operating principle:

Industrial tilters with electric drive are actuated by a gear-motor. Tilting rollers are easy to move along the traverse and are installed in the proper distance between each other depending on cargo size.

Industrial tilters with manual drive

Application: turning and rotating (tilting) of different cargoes.

Structurally industrial Tilter consists of a traverse with rollersand slings. This tilter design allows various sling types (textile, chain and rope).

The industrial tilter can easily and safely lift and turn various cargoes, including large, fragile and painted cargoes. A large number of workers is not required to operate these tilters.

Operating principle

Industrial tilters with manual drive are activated manually by pushing the slings. Tilt rollers easily move along traverse and are fixed in the proper distance from each other depending on cargo size.

Construction tilters

Application: floor slabs and panels tilting.

This type of tilters tilt from vertical to horizontal position, their use can significantly improve safety and efficiency of the tilting process which is often used by builders. Besides, slabs and panels are not damaged and their appearance is kept the same when using the construction tilters.

Lifting capacity, kg Dimensions (LхWхH), mm Weight, kg
8000 5200×2972×2816 1200
Stationary motorized Tilter
Hydraulic Tilter

Lifting capacity is 45 tons.

Motorized hinged tilters

This tong tilter type clamps a coil both horizontally and vertically. It is a fully automated model.

Hinged Tilter
Telescopic tongs for horizontal coil transportation

Application: the tongs are specially designed for the rooms with limited height.

Operating principle:

Operation «open/close» is performed by means of electric motor, gearbox with gear and rack.

Clamping leg guide slides are made of high anticorrosion steel resisting high temperatures during operation.

Load capacity is up to 45 tons.

Tongs can be equipped with a rotating head.

Electric and hydraulic tongs for horizontal coil transportation

Application: these tongs are designed for coil lifting and horizontal movement.

Design features:

Due to minimal dimensions of gripping bracket entering the coil, these tongs can take coils in the places where the passages between the stacks of coils are limited to be enough for a person to pass (500 mm).

Design and manufacturing of the tongs includes accident protection means, which make them reliable and functional.

Lifting capacity: from 5 to 45 tons.

Tongs can be equipped with a rotating head.

Automatic mechanical tongs for coils on vertical axis

The gripping device has two clamps to grip a coil.

Automatic device enables loading and unloading operations without manual labor.

Tongs are made of tested, special, wear-resistant and anticorrosion steel resisting high temperatures during operation.

Lifting capacity is up to 45 tons.

Coil Tongs on vertical axis on pallets

Application: transportation of one coil or coil bundle with vertical position of coil central hole.

Operating principle:

Transportation is performed by two sliding clamps providing maximum safety when moving the cargo.

This model can be equipped with a power-driven rotated head.


Application: coils and parts handling in horizontal position.

The hook is perfectly balanced. It can be operated at high temperatures.

The hook can be equipped with special soft linings to protect the coils surface.

Load capacity is up to 45 tons.

Additional information

Along with the tilters, holding devices, tongs and hooks the Engineering Company ENCE GmbH also supplies a wide range of composition parts, drives and replaceable units of rolling mills and coiled steel processing lines as follows: