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Surface-grinding machines

ENCE GmbH Engineering Company offers developing, assembly, completing and turnkey delivery of hydrogen fueling stations, made to the customer’s order. Capacity and operational characteristics of the station are designed individually to an order of each customer and his demands. The stations are manufactured according to the American Security Standards, therefore these are absolutely secure technical solutions tried through practice.

Example of horizontal spindle flat surface grinder with long table

Grinding the flat surfaces of parts and blanks.

Engineering company ENCE GmbH offers various ancillary equipment for metallurgical productions and metalworking, including machining facilities, these are millers, lathes, drilling equipment, grinders (roll-grinders and flat surface grinders).

Differential characteristic of flat surface equipment supplied by the company ENCE GmbH is heavy machining. The flat surface grinder design and grinding head feeding movement with zero-backlash, ensured by recirculating ball screw and nut in vertical movement of the grinding head of the machine, secure big surface high-precision machining. Flat surface grinders are equipped with an automatic lubrication system and abrasive dust protection.

Flat surface grinders have a stand-alone control panel. The whole grinding process is automated. High vibration resistance and rigidity of the flat surface grinder structure guarantee high machining accuracy.

Application sphere of a flat surface grinder: grinding of flat surfaces of workpieces and parts in various production conditions.

Technical information of a flat surface grinder:
Workpiece sizes, mm: max. 2000×630×630
Gripping plate working face size mm: 2000×630
Table longitudinal movement rate, m/min: 3…30
Grinding wheel diameter, mm: 500 — 600
Grinding head vertical movement to one graduation, mm: 0,004
Grinding head automatic vertical movement, mm: 0,004…0,1
Grinding spindle rotational speed, rpm: 1500
Main drive power, kW: 30–35
Overall dimensions, mm: 5950×2880×2880
Weight, kg: 15000
EXAMPLE of automated flat surface grinder for big surfaces
Table working surface, mm 2000×600
Table maximum travel, mm 2230
Table max. transverse movement, mm 660
Distance between the table surface and spindle center, mm: 600
Maximum allowable table load, kg 1500
T-shaped groove, mm 16×3
Table max. longitudinal movement, m/min 7–25
Base working surface alignment, mm 300:0,003
Roughness, µm RA 0,2
Transverse feed wheel:
1 degree 0,02 mm
1 revolution 5 mm
Vertical feed wheel:
1 degree 0,002 mm
1 revolution 0,5 mm
Automatic transverse feed, mm 0,5–12
Automatic vertical feed, mm 0,005–0,04
Transverse feed range, mm 1250
Grinding stone dimensions, mm 355×50×127
Spindle speed, rpm 1450
Spindle head displacement amplitude, mm 230
Spindle motor power, kW 7,5
Vertical feed motor power, kW 370
Transverse feed motor power, kW 370
Hydraulic motor power, kW 5,5
Dust collecting motor power, W 90
Overall dimensions, mm 6200×2700×2250
Weight, kg 8500

Flat surface grinder comprises:

  • PLS controller;
  • Z-axis ballscrew;
  • Z-axis servo drive;
  • Screw type parallel shaping device;
  • Y axis ballscrew;
  • Paper magnetic filter with coolant;
  • Safety fence and spare rim flange wheel.


1) Flat surface grinder is completely ready for operation just with 380V power connection;

2) Flat surface grinder shall be mounted on even concrete bed with strength min. 5 t/m².

With an incoming technical specification from the customer the company ENCE GmbH is ready to offer a specific technical solution with the flat surface grinder with functional parameters in full compliance with the enquiry

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