and high-tech

Press-forging equipment

In its program, Production and Engineering Company ENCE GmbH highlights the most significant metallurgical equipment; this equipment complies with the highest international quality standards and may be offered to customers at competitive prices.


Engineering company ENCE GmbH in collaboration with the world producers of metallurgical equipment offers the following press-forging equipment:

Light and medium crank forging presses with H-shaped housing

  • Pneumatic die forging presses with cross shaft are widely used for hot forging of copper and aluminum alloy products, and small parts of equipment. Rated force 15 to 30 MN.

Double-crank sizing presses

  • The presses are designed for hot sizing and straightening of big forged pieces with elongated axis in one or two-position sizing block. Rated force 16 to 40 MN.

Crank presses with H-shaped housing

  • The presses are designed for various cold forging operations on sheets: notching, punching, bending, shallow drawing-down, etc. They are widely used in any type of production: small-batch, batch, and mass production. Rated force 11 to 26 MN.

Heavy crank presses with H-shaped housing

  • The presses are designed for various hot die forging operations on gears, flanges, shafts, etc. They are widely used in small-batch, batch, and mass production. Rated force 200 to 600 MN.

Crank presses with C-shaped housing

  • The presses excel in reliability, simple design, and versatility. Force from 25 to 260 t.

High-speed press crank presses

  • These are plunger-type presses with dual guides allowing for higher rigidity of slide movement and accuracy of presswork. They are widely used for cutting, notching, trimming, punching, drawing, bending, etc. Force from 25 to 60 t.

High-speed precision single-crank presses

  • Versatile presses ensure efficient, precise, safe and reliable operation. High rigidity of the housing and guides ensures high accuracy of forging. Force from 60 to 200 t.

Presses for powdered metal presswork (mechanical)

  • The presses are designed for making simple shape parts with high surface cleanliness and sizes of accuracy classes 2–3. Parts of sophisticates design may be made out various metals; parts of increased wear resistance, hardness, and high temperature strength. Force from 5 to 50 t.

Hydraulic presses

  • The presses are designed for precise and deep drawing of sheet metal with high accuracy and efficiency. Force from 10 to 3000 t.

Forging rolls

  • The roller-type machine is usually designed for machining of hand tools, parts of automobiles and other vehicles.

Presses for ingot metal forging

  • Hydraulic forging presses have three support columns which ensure stability under eccentric deforming forces. Rated force from 2.5 to 350 MN.

Manipulators for open forging and forming on presses

  • Forging manipulator meet the requirements of forging and forming processes at contemporary high-speed hydraulic presses.

Apart from supplies of press-forging equipment, Engineering Company ENCE GmbH offers services of designing, reconstructing, and upgrading the existing presses for increasing the performance coefficient and reduction of power consumption, noise level of production machines and plant. The company ENCE GmbH also offers state-of-the-art hydraulic drive systems for press-forging equipment, and services for supply of spare parts for press-forging equipment upgrading.