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Pipe electric-welding machines

In its program, Production and Engineering Company ENCE GmbH highlights the most significant metallurgical equipment; this equipment complies with the highest international quality standards and may be offered to customers at competitive prices.


The process of welded pipes production consists of the following main operations:

  • the billet is formed,
  • the edges of the billet are welded and after that
  • the pipe diameter is reduced.

Engineering company ENCE GmbH in collaboration with partners offers the following equipment:

Continuous tube-forming mills

  • used for billets forming during the manufacturing of tubes with o from 8 up to 530 mm out of coiled metal as well as out of specific cut length sheet. Billets for two-seamed pipes with diameter up to 1020 mm can also be produced on these forming mills

Continuous hot molding equipment,

  • at driven running rolls at the pipe furnace pressure welding units,

Mechanical and hydraulic presses for billet forming,

  • out of specific cut length sheet during the manufacture of large-diameter pipes (exceeding 426 mm). The forming can be carried out either with several procedures on one press, or on 2 or 3 presses with each carrying out certain operations. The process ensures high quality of forming,

Forming machines of rolling mandrel-type and sleeve-type.

Spiral forming

  • is used for the pipes with diameter from 76 up to 1420 mm, it is more appropriate for large-diameter pipes (exceeding 426 mm),

Pipe electric-welding machines

  • with arc welding under the layer of flux [mostly for large-diameter pipes production, o from (426 up to 1420 mm) and with arc welding the inert gas (argon, helium) arc protection (for the production of pipes from corrosion-resistant and other high-alloy steels),

Reduction mills

  • for welded pipes with o less than 76 mm,

Complete processing lines

  • designed for welded pipes production, transportation, hot and cold finishing, storing, packing, etc. In addition to forming, welding and reduction mills, such equipment as strip preparation machines, saws, cutting machines, straightening machines, pipe-cutting and pipe-threading machines are also included in the line.