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Roll-grinding equipment (roll-grinding machines)

In its program, Production and Engineering Company ENCE GmbH highlights the most significant metallurgical equipment; this equipment complies with the highest international quality standards and may be offered to customers at competitive prices.

Technical Proposal

Engineering company ENCE GmbH offers a wide range of auxiliary equipment for repairs and reconditioning of replacement and rapidly wearing parts to complete rolling mills, coiled steel hot dip galvanizing lines , steel strip colour and polymer coating lines, automatic steel strip pickling lines and sheet bending equipment.

Company ENCE GmbH offers a wide array of automatic CNC roll-grinding machines for grinding of work and backup rolls of rolling mills (hot and cold rolling), rolls of colour and polymer coating line tempering mills, rollers, bottom drums and other cylindrical surfaces of the parts that are intensively operated in basic metallurgical production.

Completely automatic roll-grinding CNC-machines are designed for operation in heavy duty, moderate duty and low duty modes and ensure the following:

  • Excellent control of dimensional tolerances of the processed parts,
  • Strict compliance with machined surface quality requirements,
  • High reliability of roll-grinding equipment during operation,
  • Conformity of the machine design to the latest manufacturing requirements
  • Roll-grinding machine is equipped with modern instruments and user-friendly software.
Specifications for the medium-size machine:
Product diameter 150–630 mm
Product length 1000–4000 mm
Cavity or projection size 1.5/1500 mm
Product weight 5000 kg
Machine power 27–31 kW
Technical characteristics
  • Diameters of processed rolls up to 700 mm
  • Lengths of roll-grinding machine from 3000 up to 10000 mm
  • Weight of processed rolls and cylindrical parts up to 4500 kg
  • Roll rotation speed control system via frequency inverter
  • Servo drive is available
  • Can be completed with belt grinding machines with 7.5 kW and 11 kW power for more grinding capabilities
  • Belt tension- pneumatic
  • Belt dimensions 150×2500 mm
  • Can be optionally completed with steel tool holder
  • Can be optionally completed with edge grinding machine for printing rolls
  • Can be optionally completed with roll diameter automatic measurement
  • NC-equipped control panel
  • Software ensures correction and calibration of motion and axes
  • Wet-grinding with filtration system is available
  • Dry-grinding with dust extraction is available
  • Roll-grinding machines are supplied in open-type as well as in closed-type designs
  • Corrosion resistant equipment is available at request
  • Can be optionally competed with automatic crane loading
  • Can be optionally competed with process control system software
Distinctive features of the construction
  • Soft adjustment of longitudinal speed movement of work table by means of roll-grindingmachine hydraulic drive
  • Duplication of machine work table movement by means of hand wheel
  • Work table track has special nano-coating with hydrostatic feed lubrication
  • Apart from cylindrical surfaces design of roll-grinding machines allows to grind convex and concave surfaces including steering knuckles.
  • Grinding head can be quickly moved by hydraulic drive in the directions of feed and return movement allowing for short-time automatic repeat mode as well as for manual control of incremental feed.
  • Grinding headspindle is fitted with a fluid-film bearing to enhance quality of operation.
  • Processed part is rotated by AC motor controlled by frequency converter to ensure soft adjustment of cylindrical part rotational speed.
  • Dressing device of grinding wheel is installed on tailstock
  • Cooling tank is equipped with magnetic separator and paper filter for removing all kinds of pollutants
  • Can be optionally completed with accessories including automatic device for measuring diameter, roundness, cylindricity of a processed part and allowing for error formation control, further data processing and printing of accumulated errors
Example of roll-grinding machine for processing medium size cylindrical parts
Technical characteristics of roll-grinding machine:
Diameter of a grinded part, mm 150–630
Max. length of grinded part, mm 1000–4000
Max. size of cavern or crown of grinded part, mm 1,5/1500
Wheel surface speed, m/s 35/14
Spindle rotational speed, rpm 890–448
Max. weight of grinded part, kg 5000
Machine total power, kW 27.6–31
Surface machining accuracy
Roundness, micron 2
Crowning, mm 0.03–0.06
Cylindricity, mm 0.01
Surface roughness, micron Ra 0.08
Additional information

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