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Steel Strip Hot Galvanizing Line

In its program, Production and Engineering Company ENCE GmbH highlights the most significant metallurgical equipment; this equipment complies with the highest international quality standards and may be offered to customers at competitive prices.


Engineering company ENCE GmbH in partnership with ANDRITZ METALS / АНДРИТЦ МЕТАЛЗ, Germany SUNDWIG GmbH / (ЗУНДВИГ ГмбХ) supplies complex hot galvanizing lines of the cold-rolled steel strip have the annual output ranging from 60 to 500 ths. tons per year.

Technical characteristics of the supplied hot galvanizing lines:
Strip thickness 0.3–2.0 mm
Strip width 600–1650 mm
Coil weight up to 30 tons
Coil external diameter up to 2100 mm
Line speed up to 300 m/min

Coiled steel galvanizing is the most common corrosion protection method. The automated high-speed hot galvanizing lines include the following sections, assemblies, and machines:

  • Input section:
    • Coil rack
    • Loading carriage
    • Dual decoiler system
      • Alternative operation of decoilers, coil weight 10 to 40 t
    • Two thickness gages
      • Designed for initial strip thickness control
    • Dual guillotine shears
      • for cutting the beaded edges of the strip in the alternatively used coils
    • Butt-welding machine
      • Butt-welding machine is equipped with straightener rollers and performs welding of strip ends of two coils; weld thickening no more than 10%, weld strength no less than 85% of the main strip characteristics
    • Looping pit
    • Disc shears
      • Designed for cutting the strip side edges; shearings are cut up by scrap cutter
    • Stretching machine
    • Stretching rollers
    • Multistorey storage loop (accumulator)
      • Automatically monitors the strip stock and has end trolley for constant stretching of the strip.
  • Strip electrochemical cleaning section
    • The strip is cleaned in baths with alkali solution; after that, it is washed and dried in a way similar to that described for the strip pickling line above.
  • Strip hydro-dynamic cleaning section
    • Guide rollers
    • Two vacuum housings
    • Dual rotary blowers
    • Dual high-pressure pumps
    • Two cyclone separators
    • Circulation water treatment system
  • Strip thermal treatment section
    • Strip tensioning regulator
    • Scale-free heating furnace
      • The strip is heated up to 450–470°C to burn the grease residues; this is followed by metal annealing to 730–950°C, depending on the material.
    • Strip jet cooling unit
      • The unit operates under staged accelerated cooling principle and includes the following:
      • Cooling chamber body with lining layer
      • Fan
      • A set of water-cooled tube-type heat exchangers
      • A system of nozzles for jet supply of shielding gas to the strip
      • Shielding gas automatic control system
    • Decay chamber
      • Operates at temperature about 500°C.
  • Strip galvanizing section
    • Inclined channel (section)
    • Filled with shielding gas and protects the heated strip (500°C) from air contact
    • Bottom immersed drum with stellen or ceramic journal bearings
    • Stabilizing roller with journal bearings
    • Correcting roller with journal bearings
    • Noncontact jet device for coating thickness control
    • Electromagnetic strip stabilizer built on air doctor (EM-stabilizer)
    • Bath heating system
    • Removable inducers
    • Gas burners
    • Immersion ceramic heaters
  • Strip cooling section
    • Metal tempering furnace
      • Maintains temperature at 320–350°C
    • Strip air-cooling chamber
    • Galvanizing coat thickness gage
  • Strip straightening and planishing section
    • Strip alignment system
    • Two planishing stands
      • Strip rolling with squeezing 0.5–1.5% which is controlled by induced-pulse sensors and strip tensioning regulators
      • Planishing stands is equipped with zinc removal plant for rolls
    • Stretch straightening machine (machine for straightening by stretching)
    • Passivation bath
  • Exit section:
    • Strip feeding device
    • Vertical storage loop (accumulator)
    • A feeding device with a mechanical side guide
    • Surface quality control system
      • Width control device
      • Penetration defects control
      • Radiation thickness gage
    • Strip electrostatic oiling unit ( strip oiler)
    • Dual tension reel for finished strip (coiler)
    • Strip marking plant
    • Cross-cutting shears for finished strip
    • Overhead crane
    • Tilting cradles for finished coils
    • Finished coils rack