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Non-contact thickness gauges

In its program, Production and Engineering Company ENCE GmbH highlights the most significant metallurgical equipment; this equipment complies with the highest international quality standards and may be offered to customers at competitive prices.

Technical Proposal

Engineering company ENCE GmbH offers several kinds of non-contact thickness gauges including X-ray and radioisotope thickness gauges for process of coiled steel cold rolling, as well as for automatic coiled steel processing lines (steel strip pickling lines, hot dip galvanizing lines, colour and polymer coating lines, coiled steel slitting and cut-to-length lines etc.)

X-ray and radioisotope thickness gauges have C-frame sized 20 up to 1500 mm (large sizes on request). They can be successfully used in severe conditions of metallurgical production.


  • No additional maintenance required
  • Capable of cross section measuring

Our non-contact thickness gauges provide a special benefit
Extremely narrow design (C-frame width is only 120 mm).This size allows to use thickness gauges with telescopic frame even in the most confined rolling mills (see picture).

Siemens based S7 control has the advantages of open programming and flexible adjustment.

X-ray thickness gauges

Extremely low signal noise level

Low signal noise level (0.08%) ensures better measurement even with rapidly moving strip and short integration time (10 msec. or less). This feature will be of particular advantage when recurrent strip thickness fluctuations need to be identified by means of routine short-wave analysis.

Radioisotope thickness gauges

Simple design, practically no additional maintenance required

Low signal noise level at integration time of 50 msec. Design feature: isotopic radiator has pull-out tungsten unit.

Additional Information

Apart from non-contact thickness gauges Engineering company ENCE GmbH delivers a broad range of components, replacement units for rolling mills and drives: