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In its program, Production and Engineering Company ENCE GmbH highlights the most significant metallurgical equipment; this equipment complies with the highest international quality standards and may be offered to customers at competitive prices.

Of a shot blasting machine for shot peening of working rollers

The engineering company ENCE GmbH can offer you complete stations and machines, as well as accessories and various associated equipment for rolling mills, for automatic steel strip pickling lines, hot dip galvanizing lines for steel coils, strip paint and coating lines and bending machines. Particularly the company ENCE GmbH can specify the required shot blasting machine to shot peen the rollers of rolling mills based on the technical data provided by the customer, as well as we can supply the machine, provide installation supervision and commissioning and start-up of the machine.

Surface roughness 1.5–3.5 µm
Peaks density per 1 mm from 30 to 80
Peaks density per 2290 l/min
Head size & 6.4 mm (tungsten carbide)
Processing cycle & up to 2 hours (continuous)
Abrasives cast-iron split shot, GH grade, white alumina

The engineering company ENCE GmbH invite you to view this illustrative description of the automatic shot blasting machine for working mill rollers once handled as one of the available machine constructions.

Technical data to calculate a shot blasting machine for shot peening of the mill rollers.
Dimensional specification of the rollers to be shot blasted:
Roller length 200 — 2800 mm
Roller diameter 50 — 500 mm
Max. roller weight 2500 kg
Technical specification of roller shot blasting machine
Dimensions 1650×4350×1750 (H) mm
Machine weight (w/o abrasive material) 1850 kg
Fan motor capacity approx. 4 kW
Dust collector capacity (fan capacity) 4000 m3/h
Dust collector cycle (filter cycle) continuous
Solids (dust) emission Less than 5 mg/nm3
Compressed air flow rate 2290 l/min @ 6 kg/cm2
Nozzle size 6.4 mm, tungsten carbide
Shot blasting cycle Approx. 45 min of continuous working
Recommended abrasive materials Steel grit or cast iron shot
Description of the shot blasting machine for rollers

The shot blasting machine for roller shot peeing works with pressure feed system and is suitable for automatic shot blasting of rollers.

The shot blasting machine is provided with motorized carriage that is moveable along the whole roller length of 2800 mm. The shot blasting machine has also labyrinth seal to minimize wearing out and consumption of mechanical parts.

The proposed shot blasting machine to texture the roller’s surfaces doesn’t require any foundation.

During the automatic cycle the shot blasting machine can handle different rollers with diam. 415 mm and length 2605 mm using nozzle diam. 6.4 mm; with max. pressure of 7 bar and 220 l abrasive tank. It works with installed panels 40 mm thick, with micro ribbed surface.

Construction of the roller shot blasting machine

The roller shot blasting machine is equipped with:

  • Upward opening door with angle of approx. 45° and pneumatically driven for easy loading of rollers.
  • A series of inspection glasses with seal along the full length of the shot blasting machine.
  • No. 2 lamps placed on the machine roof for shot blasting machine internal lightening.
  • Guides for carriage holding a tailstock, made in reinforced angle.
  • Air intake on the roof for effective washing to assure a good visibility.
  • Seals.
  • Abrasive recovery and regeneration tank in connection with special transport system.
  • Internal coating of the shot blasting machine with anti-abrasive black rubber 4 mm thick.
  • Perforated plate inside the shot blasting machine for preliminary abrasive screening.
Frame for roller holder of the shot blasting machine

The frame of the roller holder is integrated in a welded tubular structure of the housing to move the carriage holding the tailstock. Maximal load: about 2000 kg.

It consists of:

  • The tailstock with manual stroke adjustment to treat easy. The motorized tailstock equipped with 1 kW gear motor placed outside
  • A dragging tailstock holds down the rollers to be shot blasted. This eliminates the supporting of the rollers to be shot treated with pins
  • The driving head of the rollers is located on the curtain wall, the opposite head is neutral
  • The gear motor is places outside to avoid the dust and abrasive materials get inside. The motor with frequency converter controlled by special computer during the cycle
Carriage to guide and move the nozzle

The left and right movement of the carriage holding the shot blasting nozzle is electronically controlled. By starting the automatic cycle the carriage begins to move and it makes possible to set the shot flow speed by means of potentiometer and inverter that are controlled with special computer, for final finishing treatment of each roller.

Recovery and regeneration of abrasive material

The recovery is made by using a special transport system. This system is driven by a 0,5 kW motor and transfers the abrasive material into a bucket elevator.

The abrasive collecting system covers all the length of a special feed hopper and extends one side for 2 meters outside the machine to connect a chain conveyor.

The system is hermetically sealed to prevent dust to get into the environment.

The transport system transfers the abrasive material into the recovery and regeneration system, which consists of:

  • Bucket elevator, rubber belt, steel buckets, inclined, controlled by a 1 kW (approx.) gear motor.
  • Separator for abrasive/dust mixture using air stream that is generated by a filter suction fan, removes the contamination by stopping the abrasive dust comes down.
  • No. 1 double selection vibrating screen.

The steel abrasive is cleaned from dust and conveyed to the vibrating screen. The screen is controlled by a 0,48 kW  gear motor and extract exactly the grit size that is required to shot peen. Thereafter the grit is collected in a 300 l bunker and is ready to be re-used.

The shot blasting machine works under pressure with free jet, 220 l capacity, working pressure 2÷7 bar, test pressure 10,5 bar, tested according to PED with the following accessories:

  • Net screen
  • Filling tank with cover
  • Air / abrasive mixer
  • Discharge pipe diam. 25×40 length 5 m
  • Venturi nozzle made of tungsten carbide. Internal diam. 6,4 mm.
  • Secondary general pressure valve with gauge.
  • Closing with manual valve
  • Remote shot blasting control system to operate and stop the machine during the automatic cycle.
Dust cleaning system for roller shot blasting machine
Dust cleaning system with self-cleaning filter — cartridges continuous working with following specification:
Flow rate 4000 m3/h
Fan capacity 4 kW approx. (220 V)
Total surface 80 m2

Device for cartridge cleaning

It is performed by means of few solenoid membrane valves, which are fed with compressed air at 4÷6 bar from a common tank and sending to the cleaning nozzles.

Working principle

The air containing dust comes from underneath cartridge side; the dust is held up on the cartridge outer surface and than leaves the filter.

The filter cleaning is made in sequence by compressed air coming through nozzles located on the Venturi tubes.

The powder falls down into lower collecting tanks and than into bags.

The cleaning cycle is automatically controlled by an electronic timer and the solenoid membrane valves working in accordance with a preset program.

The duration of compressed air stroke and frequency can be easy set by means of the timer.

Electric control board for the dust collector:
Electrical supply: 220 V approx.
Working temperature: -10°C…+50°C
Electric control panel for shot blasting machine:
Supply voltage: 380V, 3ph — 50 Hz
Voltage for lightening: 220V 1 phase

Safety equipment:

  • limit switch nozzle reciprocator at both limits.
  • Start of the shot blasting machine with closed doors only.
  • Signal loudspeaker.
Power consumption
Series of longitudinal trolleys of the transport system 0,5 kW
Reciprocator 0,22 kW
Conveyor 0,75 kW
Suction fan 4 kW
Motor for cylinder rotation 1 kW
Motor for vibrating screen 1 kW
Total power, approx. 6,95 kW
Lightening 2×150 W


Corrosion resistant primer on all surfaces, careful brushed and finished: blue RAL 5015 — gray RAL 7035.

REMARKS: The machine supply includes also the Certificate of Conformity according to the machine instructions 2006/42/CE with CE marking and 1 copy of the operating and maintenance manual.


12 month applied to all defective construction parts as well as defective materials, the normal wearing parts are excluded from this guarantee.

The warranty covers the replacement of the defective parts made under ex-works delivery terms.

The main advantages of the proposed shot blasting machine for texturing of the roller surfaces:

  • High wear resistance of the nozzles, machine wearing parts and chamber safety components;
  • Long service life of the cleaning chamber reached by replaceable protection plates;
  • In order to obtain the required shot blasting speed the machine capacity and size of the shot nozzle can vary;
  • The shot nozzles can be installed at different angles to assure around-the-part quality treatment of profiles;
  • The recirculation circuit with the grit recovery allows to minimize the grit consumption;
  • To supply with warm and cleaned recovery air the air filters of the shot blasting chamber are used, which clean air up to 0,1 mg/m³;
  • The large sized access doors enable easy access by regular maintenance;
  • Metal surface quality — В Sa3 (ISO 8501–1);
  • As a result of the development and work out of the shot blasting machine construction over many years it was possible to prolong the machine service life and to reduce the required maintenance time which give some relevant competitive advantages by estimation of the machine efficiency and of the quality-price ratio.

In order to increase the efficiency rate and the rated output of the shot blasting machine for rollers the company ENCE GmbH recommends to use various robot systems that have a number of advantages:

  • Robot shot blasting machines can be used for serial production treatment in automatic mode as well as for manual operation treatment of individual parts,
  • Computer programs enable to shot blast the rollers one by one in sequences keeping the treatment quality constant at the highest level and eliminating that the human factor can impact the quality of the roller treatment process,
  • Increased shot blasting efficiency as a result of the explicit programming of the automatic shot nozzle cycle,
  • The full automation of the conveyor and lifting equipment operation for blast chamber loading and discharge as well as the use of hydraulic lifting facilities to transport several rollers at the same time considerably increase the efficiency rate of the shot blasting machine.

Engineering company ENCE GmbH can submit you with detailed information on any technical and commercial issues of shot blasting equipment and inform you also of other equipment that can be supplied by ENCE GmbH company for metal production plants; all the information you can also find in different languages on the company main website for metal industry.