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Slitting and cut-to-length lines for metal coils

In its program, Production and Engineering Company ENCE GmbH highlights the most significant metallurgical equipment; this equipment complies with the highest international quality standards and may be offered to customers at competitive prices.


The engineering company ENCE GmbH can offer different metal coil slitting and cutting-to-length lines for post-treatment of coil steel after cold rolling process, as well as for steel strips when used after pickling process, hot dip galvanizing, paint and polymer coating lines. The engineering company ENCE GmbH is able to specify the optimum configuration of a cutting line based on required performance specifications provided by the customer, as well as to supply the line and corresponding installation and commissioning services and service maintenance of the automatic cutting line for metal coils.

Technical data of automatic slitting-and-shearing line for coiled steel and non-ferrous metals:

Band width 500–1600 mm
Band thickness 0.2–6.0 mm
Coil weight 8 — 20 tons
Band feed speed up to 100 m/min

The line consists of:

  • Decoiler
  • Cutting-straightening machine
  • Piler
  • Roll table
  • Guiding unit
  • Coil winder (coiler)
  • Coil removal trolley
  • Hydro-pneumatic system drive
  • Control panel

Shearing lines differ greatly in terms of equipment configuration, depending on the strip thickness; shearing lines are divided into lines for shearing metal of the following thickness:

  • Up to 0.3 mm
  • Up to 1 mm
  • Up to 2 mm
  • From 2 to 6 mm
High productivity slitting and cutting-to-length lines fabricated by the company Andritz Metals

In cooperation with the company ANDRITZ METALS / АНДРИТЦ МЕТАЛЗ, Germany (SUNDWIG GmbH / ЗУНДВИГ ГмбХ) the company ENCE GmbH offers high technology and high productivity metal strip cutting lines.

Competitive benefits and characteristic features of cutting machines:

  • All-in-one solution,
  • Versatility and adaptability of cutting lines to customer requirements,
  • Innovative design solutions,
  • High productivity and cost-efficiency,
  • High quality of all components,
  • Advanced reliability,
  • High automatic level to reduce non-productive machine times,
  • Minor operation & maintenance costs.

The German scrupulous manner in selection of the equipment and the highest quality of all components ensure the global leading position in production of this type of equipment. Automatic slitting and cutting-to-length lines are full functional in operation at several metallurgic plants, metal service and fabricating facilities.

Automatic cut-to-legth line for metal coils

The line consists of:

Sheet cut-to-length equipment

As a partner of the company ANDRITZ METALS / АНДРИТЦ МЕТАЛЗ, Germany (SUNDWIG GmbH / ЗУНДВИГ ГмбХ) the engineering company ENCE GmbH offers a wide range of cut-to-length sections and machines for various steel quality and various types of non-ferrous metals with following specification:

Strip width 500–3200 mm
Strip thickness 0,1 — 25,0 mm
Coil weight 8 — 20 t
Strip feeding speed up to 1000 m/min
Cross-cut shears

In accordance with sheet thickness and performance specification requested by the customer the cut-to-length lines can be equipped with:

  • Fixed shears,
  • Rotary shears,
  • Flying shears.

The fixed and flying shear systems are special servo hydraulically operated which ensures precision cutting at the maximal speed. The rotary shears drive is performed from two servo-motors allowing to realize the maximal precision ratio and the maximal output capacity.

Leveling machine for metal sheets

The metal sheet leveling machines enter obligatory into the cut-to-length lines. The company ENCE GmbH offers various leveling machines patented by the company ANDRITZ METALS / АНДРИТЦ МЕТАЛЗ. They can be operated as an integral part of the automatic cutting line, as well as single products. The sheet thickness ranges from 0,5 to 60,0 mm. The machine can also include 6-roller machine with quick roller change.


The suitable stacking technology will be selected according to the product specification; accordingly the stackers can be of following types:

  • Magnetic strip stackers,
  • Vacuum stackers,
  • Special stackers for heavy weight plates,
  • Universal brush stackers,
  • Cantilever stackers (for simple applications).

The special design of the stackers resulting in precised stacking which ensures the sheet edge protection and noise reduction can be called as one of the competitive benefits of the SUNDWIG GmbH / ЗУНДВИГ ГмбХ cut-to-length lines.

Automatic slitting and cut-to-length line for cold rolled wide strip

The line consists of:

  • Entry section of coil preparation station
    • Entry coil stand,
    • Charging trolley,
  • Automatic material uncoiling system
    • Double uncoilers in cascade (patented by the company SUNDWIG GmbH),
    • Butt-welding machine,
  • Strip motion adjustment by means of steering and feed stand placed in front of edge-trimming shears,
  • Edge-trimming shears,
  • Edge scrap baller (patented by the company SUNDWIG GmbH),
  • Strip inspection station with light-section,
  • Strip cross-cut shears
    • to nibble strip defects in continuous mode,
  • Butt-welding machine,
  • Guide ways with side guide,
  • Electrostatic strip-oiling equipment (strip oiling machine),
  • Strip cross-cut shears,
  • Double recoiler (coiler)
  • Non-contact strip marking equipment
  • Bridge crane
  • Down tilters for finished coils
  • Stand for finished coils
Sheet sliting equipment

As a partner of the company ANDRITZ METALS / АНДРИТЦ МЕТАЛЗ, Germany (SUNDWIG GmbH / ЗУНДВИГ ГмбХ) the engineering company ENCE GmbH offers also various slitting equipment and machines suitable for different steel grades including hot rolled and cold rolled strips, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.

Technical specification:
Strip width 650–2100 mm
Strip thickness Coil weight
8 — 20 t 8 — 20 t

Benefits and characteristic features:

  • Full automatic strip threading system,
  • Special braking stands for strips with high surface finish,
  • Non-contact stands for aluminum strips,
  • Automatic knife change,
  • Knife shafts with radial precision bearings,
  • Automatic clamping and unclamping of the cutting tools on the knife shaft,
  • Automatic transfer system for strip straps,
  • Automatic strapping on turnstile (patented),
  • Edge scrap baller placed below the floor level (patented).
Strip sliting shears

The strip slitting shears are equipped with automatic turnstile for cutting tool change which improves the operation efficiency gradually.

Inspection, recoiling and edge trimming equipment

The offered equipment is designed to handle a cold rolled wide strip and is commonly used in the automotive industry and at other production plants, where the high output capacity and the high quality of threated products are required.

Process data:
Strip width 650–2100 mm
Strip thickness 0,1–6,0 mm
Speed 1000 m/min
Edge trimming shears

In front of the edge trimming shears, the metal strip goes through steering feed stand to control the strip way. The edge trimming shears are provided with precision bearings for almost burr-free quality trimming and 1800 swiveling unit for edge scrap. The edge trimming machine has also automatic adjustment system for preset strip width, clearance by strip trimming and knife penetration depth.

Edge scrape baller

Automatic strip scrap balling unit provided with special limiting washers. They have separated opposite mechanical drives (patent by the company SUNDWIG GmbH). Automatic scrap baller doesn’t require any manual operations during work process.

Low-output slitting and cut-to-length lines

Alternatively the company ENCE GmbH can also offer you high-technology metal cutting lines with lower output capacity but with high efficiency and competitive ratio for some special requirements of the customers.

These lines are well used by metal sheet preparation before blanking, for slitting and rewinding, as well as in several blank cutting and production plant shops of various production facilities.

The technical specification of these lines varies according to technical data specified by the customer and is also determined by the typical size selected. The lines are manual or semi-automatic operated (manual setting after automatic preset specification processing). The line works periodically depending on specifications given by the operator or on the strip length in the entry coil. The cutting line specification is set in following ranges:

Slitting applications for metal coils:
Strip width 500–1600 mm
Strip thickness 0,4–6,0 mm
Coil weight 8 — 20 t
Strip feeding 25–100 m/min
Cut-to-length applications for metal coils:
Strip width 1000–1600 mm
Strip thickness 0,4–5,0 mm
Coil weight 10 — 16 t
Strip feeding 50 m/min

A slitting line consists of:

  • Uncoiling unit,
  • Leveling and slitting machine,
  • Leveling rollers, stabilizers and centering system,
  • One or multi-knifes slitting machine,
  • Dividing shaft complete with dividing bushings,
  • Length gauge,
  • Scanning and bending machine,
  • Edge scrap baller,
  • Roller table,
  • Looping pit,
  • Braking rollers,
  • Guiding system,
  • Recoiler (coiler),
  • Coil removal trolley,
  • Down tilter for coils,
  • Control cabinet.

A slitting and cut-to-length line consists of:

  • Uncoiling system,
  • Leveling and slitting machine,
  • Leveling rollers,
  • Slitting machine,
  • Bending system,
  • Edge scrap baller,
  • Guiding system,
  • Leveling and slitting machine,
  • Leveling rollers,
  • Looping pit,
  • Length gauge,
  • Cross cut shears,
  • Piling system,
  • Roller table,
  • Guiding system,
  • Trolley,
  • Control cabinet.

Due to a wide range of configurations possible according to the customer specification the engineering company ENCE GmbH invite you to view hereunder some basic models of cutting lines for metal coils.

Illustrative description. Coil material slitting line for carbon steel: 0,4 – 2,0 x 1300 mm.
Design data for slitting line:
Steel coil specification:
Ultimate tensile strength 370-1000N/mm²
Max. coil weight 15 t
Max. coil outer diameter 1850 mm
Coil inner diameter 508 mm
Max. strip width 1300 mm
Strip thickness 0,4 — 2,0 mm
Machine operating data:
Feeding speed 12 m/min
Max. operating speed 200 m/min
Operating direction from left to right
Slitting shear shaft diameter 200 mm
Knife diameter — maximal
320 mm
290 mm
Количество резов:
Thickness 2 n. 15 cuts, line speed 200 m/min
Thickness 1 n. 20 cuts, line speed 200 m/min

Metal coil slitting line structure:

Coil charging trolley

  • Load capacity 15 t 
  • Trolley is driven by hydraulic geared motor
  • Trolley is lifted by hydraulic cylinder
  • Coil support, nylon covered
  • Shutter stop
  • Charging platform for 2 coils

Cantilever uncoiling system

  • Load capacity 15 t
  • Drum ∅ 508 mm, used table 1.400 mm.
  • 4-segment drum unheading with hydraulic cylinder
  • Drum is rotated and braked by DC motor
  • Press roller travel by means of hydraulic cylinder
  • Press roller rotation by means of hydraulic cylinder
  • Automatic strip centering (± 100 mm) with hydraulic cylinder adjustable with proportional valve and strip edge scanning by photo sensor

Entry section

  • Tension and swing uncoiling table with hydraulic cylinder
  • Rubber covered lower pinch roller, hydraulically operated
  • Rubber covered upper guide roller

Stabilizers — centering section

  • No. 2 stabilizing rollers with rubber cover. The upper roller is lifted by means of hydraulic cylinders.
  • Centering system consisting of 4+4 vertical rollers adjustable with 2 hydraulically operated screws, quick opening system complete with 2 hydraulic cylinders.

Leveling machine (optional)

  • Upper nip rollers ∅ 320 mm 
  • Coil diameter pinch ∅ 250 mm 
  • No. 3 leveling rollers: 2 lower and 1 upper
  • Leveling rollers ∅ 150 mm 
  • No. 1 dancer roller
  • Dancer roller ∅ 130 mm 
  • Roller length 1400 mm 
  • Positioning of the upper nip rollers is done by means of hydraulic cylinders
  • Positioning of the upper leveling rollers is realized by means of mechanical supports driven by hydraulic motor
  • Positioning of the upper dancer roller is done by means of mechanical supports driven by hydraulic motor
  • Leveling and lower nip rollers are rotated by hydraulic gear motor

Slitting shears

  • Knife shaft is rotated by DC motor.
  • Knife shaft position control by feed gear motor and hydraulic motor.
  • Shearing by using of hydraulic cylinder
  • Shaft diameter 200 mm
  • Slitting shears ∅ 320 mm
  • Shear frame enables quick change of cutting heads


  • Console trimming shears
  • Scrap box with sidewall loading
  • Oscillating table for scrap removal and changeover from the trimming shears to the centering station with stabilizing rollers
  • Auxiliary slitting shears and interchangeable threading carriage
  • Console dividing shears

Edge scrap baller — baller for trimmed edges (scrap)

  • Shaft is rotated by 15 kW AC motor
  • Edge material coil removal by using of hydraulic control
  • Pressure at edge material coil forming through hydraulic control
  • Max. coil size 800×800 mm

Bending machine pinch rollers

  • Chrome rollers are driven by DC motor
  • Thickness adjustment with hydraulic quick opening
  • Scrap table, hydraulic adjustable and vertical opening to allow the operator access
  • Conveyor for trimmed edge scrap

Roller table

  • Roller bearing tilting to the looping pit
  • Looping table, manual operated

Braking roller station and guiding system

  • Floor-level fixed base frame, where following units will be installed:
  • Roller bearing with indexing locking disk
  • Arm clamping with hydraulic cylinders and braking device by using of pneumatic cylinders
  • Pinch roller brakes the strip (installation with tension rollers), complete with motor; these rubber covered and texture rollers eliminates material slipping at coiling process.
  • Free discharging roller, rubber covered and dynamically balanced, complete with tachometer
  • Strip end feeding table oscillating and retractable by means of hydraulic cylinder
  • Rail-bound travelling mechanism with feed gearbox or hydraulic motor for braking station

Cantilever recoiler with removable drums

  • Trolley load capacity 15 t
  • Normal drum diameter 508 mm, used table 1.400 mm 
  • Mandrel is rotated by DC motor
  • Strip material removal by means of hydraulically operated pusher
  • Dividing base, hydraulically operated and controlled
  • Drum with hydraulic clamping
  • Adaptor for removable drums
  • Coiling drum ∅ 350 mm with clumping
  • Coiling drum ∅ 160 mm with clumping
  • Drum support

Coil removal trolley

  • Trolley load capacity 15 t
  • Cradle covered
  • Transverse motion by means of feed gearbox and hydraulic cylinder
  • Support is lifted by hydraulic cylinder
  • Strip retention by means of arms with manual adjustment

4-arm turnstile

  • Drive with thrust bearing, feed gearbox and hydraulic motor
  • Hydraulic closure at 4 positions
  • Acoustic and visual alarm system at the center, signaling by each turnstile rotation
  • Trolley load capacity 15 t for each arm (60 t for 4 total)

Coil down tilter

  • It collects the strip material in separate slots located in cantilever unit item 12) in the X-axis, than moves back and tilts 90° down.
  • Motorized gear transfer
  • Driven tilting table
  • Positioning of strip collecting beds according to the strip length


  • Electric cabinets with digital drives and PLC
  • Control panels with instruments
  • Installed power capacity 380 kW 
  • Supply voltage 380V, 50Hz

Hydraulic equipment

  • Hydraulic power unit complete with capacity control pump, heat exchanger (air/oil), valves and regulators
  • Electrical motor operated valves
Illustrative description. High precision slitting line for coiled metal: 0,05 – 0,4 х 310 mm
Desighn data for slitting line:
Material GOST 4986–79, GOST 14080–78
Material properties cold rolled, half hard, hard, полутвердый, твердый
Material surface dry, easy oiled
Supply state w/o paper
Strength limit 550–2000 N/mm²
Entry material width 80–310 mm
Relative elongation 3–50%
Strip width min. 10 mm
Effective width max. 300 mm
Material thickness 0,05 — 0,4 mm
Coil inner diameter 400/500 mm
Coil outer diameter max. 1000 mm
Coil weight max. 1000 kg
Material state straight tight (min. 8 N/mm²) (edge offset max. 5 mm/side)
Operating data:
Uncoiling downwards
Recoiling upwards
Line speed 0–50 m/min
Threading speed (also by opening safety door) about 10 m/min
Line shutdown time
Standard shutdown
Emergency shutdown
max. 10 sec
max. 3 sec
Coiling ratio 1000 : 400 = 2,5 : 1
Extension range 380 — 420 mm (around a circle in case ∅ = 400 mm)
480 — 520 mm (with exchangeable insert jaws in case ∅ = 500 mm)
Ambient conditions:
Ambient temperature, line +5… +40°С
Ambient temperature, terminal box +5… +35°С
Air humidity max. 80% w/o condensate
Additional requirements not corrosive medium, fire safe areas

Structure of high precision slitting line for metal coils:

Cantilever uncoiling system

  • Coiler body is made of robust welded structure which supports core and gear cascade.
  • Mandrel rotation drive with AC motor and oil bath gearbox control
  • 4-segment core, manual extended; companion flange plate in aluminum, polished.
  • Interchangeable insert drums ∅ 500 mm, polyamide, with quick locking system.
  • Uncoiling loop control consisting of AC motor with gearbox, light-operated switches and terminal box complete with control instruments.
  • Thickness and coil outer diameter data entry is done by means and displayed on the slitting line operating panel.

Entry section and guide roller system

  • Entry arc table of section type, velour covered (replaceable)
  • Hold down mechanism can be placed according to the material width and is manual adjustable
  • Feed (side) guideway with replaceable relays; manual adjustment according to the material width
  • Feed table; manual height adjustment according to the knife size
  • Feed table; manual moveable towards the uncoiler for tool change
  • Looping pit for loop laying between uncoiling system and slitting shears

High precision slitting shears

  • Base frame with robust welded structure
  • The drive end of slitting shears frame is installed on the base frame.
  • The slitting shear frame work end is manual moveable horizontal and vertiсal on pretension ball-bearing guideways.
  • Knife shaft bearing on the shear frame drive end — on pretension high precision axial bearings.
  • Knife shaft bearing in a front column — on pretension high precision antifriction bearing.
  • Upper knife shaft are hand wheel adjustable on the frame work end
  • Two hydraulic nuts with integrated oil tension system and axial force display.
  • Upper knife shaft overlapping depth measure complete with control dial gouge, accuracy 0,01 mm
  • Knife shaft drive with cardan shafts, distributor gear, gearbox and AC motor
  • Slitting unit is designed to work with insert steel rings
Knife shaft diameter 55 mm
Keyway available
Knife diameter 130 mm
Knife diameter regrinding up to 50 mm possible
Spacer sleeve diameter 85 mm
Insert steel ring diameter 145 mm
Working face height (pass line) 1100 mm
Cutting speed up to 50m/min (strip thickness 0.4 mm)
Cutting rate, max 7 cuts = 6 strips
Following specification can be reached with the precision slitting:
Shoulder output max. 0,002 mm (2 micron)
Overlapping accuracy ±0,005 mm (±5 micron)
Mandrel concurrency max. 0.008 mm (8 micron)
Strip thickness tolerance 0/ -0,1 mm

Uncoiling — bending unit

  • Supporting shafts, hardened and polished, with shaft screws on both sides
  • Centering of each supporting shaft
  • Upper and lower supporting shafts are fixed in support frame and manual rotatable in order to change the tools.
  • Upper and lower supporting shafts are fixed at the entry table and are manual moveable for tool change.
  • Pins are steel ring adjustable according to material thickness and knife outer diameter.

Edge scrap baller — baller for trimmed edges (scrap)

  • Two strip coiling units for edge rewinding,
  • Strip edge (scrap) width ranges from 3 to 10 mm/side (wider strips are recoiled and sorted as trim scrap coils),
  • Back and front flange discs are fixed by means of double cone,
  • Front flange disc can be separated from the cone after the lock screw is removed,
  • Each strip edge rewinding unit is driven by AC motor; strip tension is practically constant, without reference of the diameter,
  • Strip tension is constantly controlled from the main control panel.

Trim scrap dividing system

  • It is pneumatically driven to divide the trimming and edge scrap to the scrap baller


  • It consists of AC geared motor, light control and terminal box incl. control instruments

Recoiling system

  • It consists of double recoiling station,
  • Recoiler body in robust welded structure
  • It is driven with AC motor with gearbox, oil bath gear wheels
  • Coiler shaft complete with shaft fixing flanges
  • Coiling tension is manual adjustable with spring set and nut
  • Shaft speed is automatically controlled according to the line speed. The maximal speed and overspeed allowable value are set through the main control panel.
  • Cooling shaft is equipped with springs and nuts for manual control
Coiling-in shaft diameter 50 mm
Coil outer diameter max. 300 mm
Coil weight max. 100 kg

Coil reel specification

  Reel 1 Reel 2 Reel 3 Reel 4
Hole inner diameter 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm
Outer diameter max. 300 mm max. 300 mm max. 300 mm max. 300 mm
Inner diameter 80 mm 110 mm 200 mm 250 mm
Width inside according to strip width
Electrical equipment
Control cabinets, incl. digital drives and PLC
Control panels incl. instruments
Supply voltage 3×380 V, PEN, — 5 to + 10%
Frequency 50 Hz ±2%
Total voltage control equipment 230 W AC
Voltage control equipment, magnet valves, gauges, PLC 24 W DC
Air pressure min. 5 bar
Safety enclosure around the whole unit

Terminal box

  • Fan system with air pre filtering and temperature and light control
  • Main switch
  • Contact rail system
  • Control transformer 230V with power supply unit 24V
  • SPS Siemens S7 with digital and analog system
  • Complete drive digital control
  • Power contactor, relays
  • All cables are directed on terminal boxes

Control and monitor panel

  • 4.5" LCD-display
  • 23 system keys, 8 function keys
  • Fault indicator
  • Entry coil diameter indicator
  • Entry knife diameter indicator
  • Entry material thickness indicator
  • Other line data
  • Remote fault monitoring through modem


  • Detail and assembly drawing
  • Foundation plan
  • Pneumatic schema
  • Electric diagram
  • End connections
  • Print output program
  • CD-ROM with program
  • Manuals
  • Maintenance and lubrication diagram
  • Spare part and wear part list

The engineering company ENCE GmbH can offer an optimal competitive configuration of automatic slitting and cut-to-length line for metal coils (carbon steel, stainless steel, alloys, aluminum etc.) in strict accordance with customer specification provided. It can be high or low capacity line, with automatic or semiautomatic operation. The ENCE GmbH company technicians are able to provide you with technical presentation of the unit to agree all project details during planning and construction, as well as to participate by line erection and commissioning and to maintain the line under the warranty as well as during the post-warranty period.