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Toothed gearing (Individually custom-made special parts)

In its program, Production and Engineering Company ENCE GmbH highlights the most significant metallurgical equipment; this equipment complies with the highest international quality standards and may be offered to customers at competitive prices.


Production and Engineering Company ENCE GmbH offers to the Customers in EU, Eastern Europe and CIS various auxiliary metallurgical equipment, components and parts, being individually custom-made based on Customer’s technical specification and required for spare and wear parts repair and for restoration of transmission drives of rolling mills, press-forging equipment, coiled steel hot galvanizing lines, strip paint and polymer coating lines, automatic steel strip pickling lines, sheet bending equipment and other heavy-duty machines for metallurgical industry.

Production and Engineering Company ENCE GmbH is ready to supply a wide range of special custom-made parts made of special stainless steels, high-strength and wear resistance steels, heat-resistant steels, stellen, bronze, ceramics and coated steels:

The given parts are manufactured at production sites in Turkey or Republic of Korea. Company ENCE GmbH fulfils an order in full compliance with the technical specification. It provides high quality of manufactured products, minimal order fulfilment period as well as offers a flexible pricing due to high production effectiveness.

One of the weak points of power machines and metallurgical equipment drives is wear and breakdown of toothed gearings. In many cases in metallurgical production the parts with toothed gearing are non-standard articles, repair and replacement of which requires special equipment and an individual material selection and its working methods. Specialists of the Company ENCE GmbH and subcontracted partner companies have for many years been improving technological processes for toothed parts manufacture, as well as have been selecting machinery fleet and its associated tools. The parts are manufactured with the required accuracy rating and material of construction which are determined by the Customer’s requirements.

Technological infrastructure allows for machine working (metal working) of parts having different complexity and size:

Main types of heat treatment and surface impregnation used while manufacturing custom-made toothed parts are as follows:

  • volumetric hardening of wheels;
  • teeth surface hardening using high-frequency current;
  • teeth cementation with subsequent hardening;
  • nitriding

Specialists of the Company ENCE GmbH are ready to assist the Customers in preparation of the technical specification, to jointly evaluate an economic feasibility and efficiency of use of wear part material of construction and working methods and, when necessary, to offer alternatives for production or to make amendments to the design aimed at material consumption and prime cost reduction, as well as at increase of lifetime and economic efficiency.

Examples of toothed wheels, gear shafts, gear bushings (toothed bushings) supplied by the Company ENCE GmbH
1. Toothed wheels
Diameter  3000 mm
Toothed wheel weight  5,9 t
Normal module  30
Teeth quantity  98
Toothed wheel material  Steel DIN 1.7230(G34CrMo4)
Toothed wheel production time  3–4 months.
2. Gears
Diameter 500 mm
Gear weight 0,3 t
Normal module 6
Teeth quantity 42
Gear material Steel DIN 1.7230(G34CrMo4)
Gear production time 2 months
3. Toothed shaft (gear shaft)
Diameter 258 mm
Gear shaft weight 0,5 t
Module 30
Teeth quantity 28
Toothed shaft (gear shaft) material Steel 40XН
Toothed shaft (gear shaft) production time 4–5 weeks
4. Toothed shaft (gear shaft)
Diameter 348 mm
Toothed shaft (gear shaft) material Steel 40XН
Toothed shaft (gear shaft) production time 4–5 weeks
5. Toothed bushing
Diameter 1372 mm
Toothed bushing production time 4 months
Additional Information

Company ENCE GmbH is ready to send its specialists to Customers’ production sites in order to inspect the opportunities of reliability raise and lifetime extension of toothed gearing operation, as well to offer new design solutions, modern materials and their working methods. Company ENCE GmbH is ready to deliver toothed parts to installation site including customs clearance services, to perform assembly and their operation monitoring.