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Vacuum-arc furnace crucible jet cleaning hydraulic unit

Engineering company ENCE GmbH offers different accessory equipment, required for stable operation in metallurgical works.Particularly to increase operation efficiency, reduce power and labor costs while electro-arc furnace maintaining engineering company ENCE GmbH offers a vacuum-arc furnace crucible (mould) accelerated cleaning automated hydraulic package unit, that widely applicable in special steel and alloys production.

Crucible jet cleaning hydraulic unit description

This crucible jet cleaning automated hydraulic unit based on high pressure plunger pump unit has a good well-proven constructive decision which is modified subject to the mould sizes with cleaning equipment dimension type, cover diameter and telescopic rod changing.

Depending on mould contamination degree and mud viscosity the main unitcharacteristic should be specified:

  • Water jet pressure in cleaning distribution unit
  • Water consumption for cleaning
  • Quantity of mould processing cycle with high pressure water jet

We offer automated telescopic hydraulic plants for spray cleaning of moulds with high-pressure water, they move along the height of the melter of distribution device that successively supplies water spray throughout the surface of the mould.

The vacuum-arc furnace crucible (mould) accelerated cleaning automated hydraulic unit includes following positions:

  • Ladder
  • Cabin door
  • Distributor box
  • Control panel
  • Handrails
  • High pressure hose guide
  • High pressure hose storage device
  • Telescope
  • Mobile trolley
  • Locking swivel arm
  • Hose rolling and guiding for drainage
  • Drainage hose
  • Crown-nozzle for drainage
  • High pressure turbo nozzle
  • Container housing
  • Crucible receiver
  • Cabin
  • High pressure plunger pump unit
  • Soundproof housing
  • Cabin door
  • Crucible (customer supplied)
  • Plant sump
  • Sump pump
  • Pump sump

Directed by the telescope assembly the high pressure water jet processing distribution unit is loaded in the crucible and moves in this way vertically along the melting crucible inner contour. The high pressure water jet distribution unit is actuated by water driving force and rotates while cleaning relative to the direct axis. Water is supplied from the plunger pump unit through the high pressure hose, which is located in the hose storage device allowing for acceptable turning radii.

Vertical lowering of the telescope distribution unit with a turbo nozzle occurs under its own weight. The telescope is retracted by means of crab driven by electric motor.

The complete cleaning block is mounted on the frame work and moves horizontal in original position for crucible placing and taking out. In cleaning position the integrated in cleaning block, soundproof housing is sealed on the crucible flange for noise absorption and high pressure water ejection prevention.

Crucible locking and taking out in the crucible cleaning hydraulic unit is carrying out by means of the customer crane on proper transportation lifting eyes located on crucible.

Scraped sludge residue falls in the sludge tank with hole, which if required can be completed with a cleaning unit for recycled water recovery and solid residue separation, which is removed later by metallurgical plant maintenance department workers.

The automated crucible jet cleaning hydraulic unit is provided with a drainage device, which can be automatic or manual turned in working position over crucible and be fixed, as soon as cleaning block returns to its original location. The water remaining on the crucible inner wall after cleaning is blown out. For this purpose directed crown-nozzle is lowered.

The automatic mould jet cleaning unit is completed with the high pressure water supply hydraulic system, plunger pump aggregate with automatic control and monitor system and also high pressure distribution hose and valve system are included.

Depending on requirement, the crucible jet cleaning unit load and required utilization coefficient and unit readiness speed a jet unit individual equipment with high pressure gages and control cabinet are provided.

Company ENCE GmbH offers to take up as example one of the variants of the water jet cleaning unit configuration:

Configuration example of crucible jet cleaning hydraulic unit
  • Cleaning cabin
    • Sizes: W х D (depth) х H = appr. 5000 х 5500 х 10000 mm
    • Sound-proof
    • Cabin side door for cabin entry for maintenance
    • Plate refined steel removable bath with opening
  • Cleaning block
    • Mobile carriage made of merchant steel with sizes: L x W X H = appr. 2100 mm x 2000 mm x 1100 mm
    • Hose storage device for appr. 8 m high pressure hose receipt
    • Controlling drive with gear-motor
    • Telescope device
    • Hose guide
    • Integrated protective housing/case
  • Electric rope winch with reduction gear unit
    • Rope drum
    • Disk brake with contact spring
    • PTC-protection of termoresistor with positive TRC
    • Gear unit end switch
    • Incremental motor sensor
    • Rope slack switch
  • Jet processing distribution unit
    • Self-actuating turbo-nozzle
    • Nozzle holder head and screw nozzles
    • Rotary speed range 0-1500 l/min
    • Rotary control by inductive motion sensor/proximity switch
    • Spring cable drum for control wire
  • High pressure plunger pump unit

The high pressure plunger pump aggregate independently of the chosen pump model consists of:

    • Improved special steel two-bearing crankshaft, integral gear box with helical gearing wheels
    • Pressure oil circulating lubrication, consists of oil pump, oil filter, lubrication oil cooling device and oil pressure gauge
    • Plunger pump sealing set
    • Refined steel pump head, fatigue-resistant, tolerant to fatigue failure, with suction and discharge directional valves loaded with spring and valve seat replaceable rings.
    • 3-phase short-circuited rotor motor, 400 V, 50 Hz, degree of protection IP 55, varnish coated and mounted for frequency converter
    • Water head monitor sensor
    • Oil pressure monitor sensor
    • Water temperature monitor sensor
    • Oil temperature monitor sensor
    • Filter pressure difference monitor sensor
    • Joint box
    • Pressure gauge 0 – 1000 bar, output signal: 4-20 mА
    • Pressure regulating valve2/2-way valve controlled direct with pneumatic pressure adjustment
    • Bypass line /loop
    • Control line
    • Vibration absorber for high pressure unit stationary equipment
    • High pressure hoses for connection with jet unit
  • Electrics and control
    • Control cabinet
      • All control devices (switches, indicators and alarms required for process) on the base of Siemens production
      • Control – SPS, manuf. Siemens, type Simatic S7
      • Frequency converters for cleaning block and rope winch control drive are included
      • Electric wiring according to VDE 0113
    • Control logic
      • Automatic mode with proper static unit of given value for water pressure is controlled by pneumatic valve, motion velocity and travel distance are controlled.
      • Manual mode: all the processes in the unit can be done manually. At the same time the required safety interlock is provided.
  • Operating conditions
    • Electric power and medium connections
      • Voltage: 3х400 V ± 10%, 50Hz ± 1%, TN or TT network
      • Fresh water with max. solids size appr. 10 µm, solids: m /V = 50 mg/l; pH = 6,5-8,5, pump feeding water suction pressure: p=min.5 bar, V/t = appr. 200 l/min (at suction)
      • Compressed air: р = 6 bar
      • Environment temperature: 0 – 40 °С
      • Air humidity: max. relat. air humidity 85%
      • Unit performance according to:
        • DIN
        • VDE
        • UVV
        • TÜV
WOMA plunger pump models
Produced copies

Based on the jet unit goals the following models of WOMA GmbH plunger pumps are applicable as the main plunger pump:

  • Plunger pump - model ARP
    • Working pressure 320 - 400 bar
    • Flow rate 400 - 1700 l/min
    • Weight 320 – 2610 kg
  • Plunger pump – Y – Line 1000 bar
    • Working pressure 700, 850, 1000 bar
    • Flow rate 17, 19, 25, 33, 41 l/min
    • Weight 110 kg
  • Plunger pump – 02 – Line 750 bar
    • Working pressure 200 - 750 bar
    • Flow rate 129 - 229 l/min
    • Weight 50 – 350 kg
  • Plunger pump – Z – Line 1500 bar
    • Working pressure 400 - 1500 bar
    • Flow rate 86 – 605 l/min
    • Weight 311 – 2580 kg
Water-jet cleaning units of company WOMA GmbH / Germany

Except the offered vacuum-arc furnace crucible (mould) jet cleaning automated unit engineering company ENCE GmbH offers a number of standard water jet cleaning units of company WOMA GmbH / Germany, such as:

Water jet plunger pump units up to 1 500 bar
  • Ecomaster 550-700Z with diesel drive.
    (Ecomaster 400Z with diesel drive).
    • Operating pressure 1000 - 1500 bar (400 – 1500 bar)
    • Flow rate 85 - 364 l/min (70 – 400 l/min)
  • Ecocold 1000 TwinJet
    • Operating pressure 1000 bar
    • Flow rate 14 - 30 l/min
  • Ecomaster 1000Z with electric drive.
    (Ecomaster 1000Z Boxer with diesel drive).
    • Operating pressure 700 - 1500 bar (300 – 1500 bar)
    • Flow rate 180 - 1300 l/min (180 – 1700 l/min)
  • Ecomaster 150Z
    • Operating pressure 400 - 1500 bar
    • Flow rate 25 - 136 l/min
Water jet plunger pump units up to 800 bar
  • Ecomaster 550-700Z with diesel drive.
    (Ecomaster 400Z with diesel drive).
    • Operating pressure 1000 - 1500 bar (400 – 1500 bar)
    • Flow rate 85 - 364 l/min (70 – 400 l/min)
  • EcoCold 350B, (EcoCold 500B)
    • Operating pressure 350 (500) bar
    • Flow rate 15 (21) l/min
  • EcoCold 280 – 500 E
    • Operating pressure 280 - 500 bar
    • Flow rate 14 – 21 l/min
  • Ecomaster 400 ARP
    • Operating pressure 400 bar
    • Flow rate 860 l/min
  • EcoTherm 600 bar (800 bar )
    • Operating pressure 100 – 600 (800) bar
    • Flow rate 26 (21) l/min
Additional Information

Further information about the plunger pumps supplied by company ENCE GmbH, you can find on company websites:

Engineering company ENCE GmbH is ready to provide the exhaustive information about all range of the offered jet cleaning units and also form an expert estimate in cleaningspecific questions and test the customers samples if required. Detailed information about the other equipment of company ENCE GmbH for metallurgical plants you can find on the main website for metallurgy in different world languages