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Dividing shears

In its program, Production and Engineering Company ENCE GmbH highlights the most significant metallurgical equipment; this equipment complies with the highest international quality standards and may be offered to customers at competitive prices.

Dividing shears EXAMPLE

Company ENCE GmbH is pleased to offer different options of the dividing shears as per the technical requirements of the customer. When signing the Delivery contract, the manufacturer will conduct design studies as per the initial data received from the customer, after that, the dividing shears will be manufactured, assembled and tested. Company ENCE GmbH will carry out installation supervision and commissioning of the dividing shears directly on site.

Company ENCE GmbH offers the following example as one of the potential options for dividing shears.

Technical information
Type Start/stop
Max. Cutting section max. 820 mm2 (from 8 mm to 32 mm)
Min. rolling temperature Approx. 450˚C
Min. Bar length 24 m
Bars transportation speed from 2 to 13 m/sec
Blade body length 950 mm
Blade width 200 mm
Drive DC motor 302 kW — Sicme Motori
Guides 1 + 1 (entry + exit)
Approx. Scissors weight 7.800 kg
Motor weight 2.500 kg

Dividing shears housing is to be made of welded steel structure.

Blades are fixed on the holders by means of bolts.

Overlapping and gap between the blades are adjusted by means of an adjusting shim.

Hydraulic motor torque of the dividing shears is transferred by means of a coupling with elastic flanges.

DC motor characteristics
Output power P (kW) 300
Speed n (rpm) 0-400-600
Armature voltage Va (V) 440
Armature current la (A) 518
Driving voltage Vexc (A) 310
Excitation current lexc (A) 17,1
Mode S1 (continuous)
Overloads 160% from torque rating per 30 sec. Every 30 min.
Armature current @ max. overload (A) 1044
Scope of supply
  • Dividing shears
  • DC motor 300 kW
  • DC — Automation and PLC panel
  • Blades set
  • Technical documentation and test report
Additional information

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