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Rolls (cold and hot mill rolls)

In its program, Production and Engineering Company ENCE GmbH highlights the most significant metallurgical equipment; this equipment complies with the highest international quality standards and may be offered to customers at competitive prices.

Technical Proposal

ENCE GmbH production and engineering company offers its customers various auxiliary metallurgical equipment and component parts necessary for repair and restoration of replacement parts and wear parts of rolling mills, hot dip galvanizing lines for steel coils, paint and polymer coating lines, automatic steel picking lines and sheet bending equipment.

The company ENCE GmbH offers a wide range of rolls for metallurgical plants where cold and hot steel and non-ferrous metal rolling is performed:

  • Cold rolling mill rolls
    • Solid-forged back-up rolls
    • Sleeved back-up rolls
    • Hot rolling mill working rolls
    • Cold rolling mill working rolls
  • Hot mill rolls
    • Solid-forged plate mill back-up rolls
    • Sleeved plate mill back-up rolls
    • Hot mill working rolls
    • Roll sleeves

ENCE GmbH production and engineering company delivers mill rolls from production facilities located in Korea. The parts are manufactured with high precision according to advanced technologies from high-quality wear-resistant materials ensuring high reliability and a long service life.

Temperature and production conditions are strictly observed during ingot forging. Bulk and surface hardening by radio frequency current and commercial frequency current is widely used. Roll steel is melted in electric arc furnaces. Machining production is equipped with modern facilities including programmed numerical control machines and high precision finishing machines.

Durability and wear resistance of rolls is systematically increased by means of:

  • searching for and applying new stronger materials;
  • perfecting manufacturing technology;
  • strictly complying with operating conditions by the user

High-alloy steel grades are used for manufacturing working and back-up rolls.

Rolls manufactured by the company ENCE GmbH are operated by many metallurgical and tube works of CIS countries.

Range of rolls offered by the company ENCE GmbH
Rolls technical data chart

Name Barrel diameter, mm Roll length, mm Roll weight, kg Material: steel Barrel hardness, HSD Active layer depth, mm Barrel/neck finish class, m/m
Cold rolling mill rolls
Back-up rolls solid-forged and sleeved 110-1500 800-4500 50-20000 Containing Cr 2-5%, 9Х1, 9Х2, 55Х, 9Х2МФ, 45ХНМ 50-85 30 0,8 / 0,8
Hot rolling mill working rolls 110-700 600-5000 50-15000 5Х5М1ФС, 9Х1, 9Х2, 55Х, 45ХНМ 75-90 30 0,8 / 0,8
Cold rolling mill working rolls 100-1500 800-10500 50-15000 Containing Cr 2-5 %, Si 2%, Х12МФ, 5Х5М1ФС, 9Х1, 9Х2, 55Х, 9Х2МФ, 7Х2СМФ, 45ХНМ 90-105 20 0,8 / 0,8
Hot rolling mill rolls
Plate mill back-up rolls solid-forged and sleeved 100-2500 800-10500 50-70000 150ХНМ, containing С 1,5%, 50, 50ХН, 90ХН, 55Х, 60ХН, 60ХГ, 9Х1, 9Х2МФ, 90ХФ 75 (HSD)
302-362 (НВ)
360-400 (НВ)
187-302 (НВ)

3,2 / 0,8
Hot mill working rolls 350-2000 800-10500 200-70000 Х153СrMoV12, 150ХНМ, containing С 1,5 % 50, 50ХН, 55Х, 60ХН, 40ХН, 45ХНМ, 60ХГ, 9Х1,
75 (HSD)
302-362 (НВ)
360-400 (НВ)
187-302 (НВ)

3,2 / 0,8
Roll sleeves 100-2500 500-1500 100-6000 150ХНМ
containing С 1,5 %, Х12МФ
302-362 (НВ)
360-450 (НВ)

3,2 / 0,8

All mill rolls are made to order according to the customer’s specification with strict observance of dimension tolerances, degree of roughness, surface hardness and strength of the parts.

Samples of mill rolls delivered by the company ENCE GmbH for various metallurgical works

1. Leveller rolls

Approximate production time 3–4 months
Leveller roll material grade 86СrMV7 (DIN 1.2327)
Leveller roll barrel hardness HS 65…85

2. Cold mill working rolls

Approximate production time 3 months
Material grade of cold mill working roll 86СrMV7 (DIN 1.2327)
Barrel hardness of cold mill working roll 63 HRC

3. Plate mill back-up rolls.

Approximate production time 4–5 months
Plate mill roll material grade 9ХФ (DIN 1.2235)
Plate mill roll barrel hardness HS 45…60

4. Tube mill rolls.

Approximate production time 4 months
Tube mill roll material grade 9×1, 9×2, 55Х, 45ХНМ, 150ХНМ.
Application and clarification

ENCE GmbH engineering company offers a wide range of automatic roll-grinding machines with programmed numerical control for grinding working rolls and back-up rolls of cold and hot rolling mills, planishing stand rolls, rollers, bottom drums of hot dip galvanizing lines and polymer coating lines for steel coil and other cylindrical surfaces of parts which are in intense operation in general metallurgical production (/en/equipment/equipment_for_metallurgy/roll_grinding_equipment/).

The company ENCE GmbH also offers roll mating cold and hot rolling mill spindles — /en/equipment/equipment_for_metallurgy/driving_spindles_for_rolling_mills/.

You can find out more about other metallurgical equipment offered by the company ENCE GmbH on the central website on metallurgical equipment — /en/equipment/equipment_for_metallurgy/ or on the theme-based websites of the company ENCE GmbH devoted to:

Via its wide-ranging the company ENCE GmbH is ready to supply turnkey equipment, deliver it to the installation site, perform customs clearanceof the equipment, supervised installation and start-up commissioning of the delivered equipment and further on provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance, equipment and parts performance monitoring during the whole service life.