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Strip electrostatic oiling system (Hot dipped galvanizing line oiler)

In its program, Production and Engineering Company ENCE GmbH highlights the most significant metallurgical equipment; this equipment complies with the highest international quality standards and may be offered to customers at competitive prices.

Technical Proposal

ENCE GmbH Engineering Company offers strip electrostatic oiling systems for cold coiled steel rolling as well as for coiled steel processing lines — hot dipped galvanizing lines, paint and polymer coating lines, and coiled steel slitting and shearing lines.

As an example, the company ENCE GmbH offers for consideration a steel strip oiler as part of a hot dipped galvanizing line — electrostatic oiler for application of non-conducting coatings to steel strip or strip with different kinds of coating.

Initial parameters:
Processing line Galvanizing line
Strip material Steel
Coating Top or bottom side or both
Strip speed:
Max. 300 mpm (5 mps)
Min. 30 mpm (0,5 mps)
Strip width:
Max. 1500 mm
Min. 700 mm
Strip thickness:
Max. 2.0 mm
Min. 0.5 mm
Voltage 380V 3 phases 50 Hz AC
220V 1 phase 50 Hz AC
24V, DC (PLC Input/Output)
Energy source power required Min. 25 kW
Air pressure required 5 bar
Strip oiler specifications:
Strip coating surface Top or bottom side or both
Coating material Corrosion-resistant (inhibited oil)
Coating usage on strip max. 2000 mg/m2/side
min. 100 mg/m2/side
Oil coating accuracy ± 10%
Preserving oil vapour content Max. MPC (5 mg/m3)
Installation site Output part of steel strip galvanizing line
Oiler total weight Ca. 4000 kg
Main electric control cabinet and operator’s panel Ca. 800 kg
Composition of strip electrostatic oiling system:
  • «C»-shaped sprinkler body frame with on/off switch line
  • Aluminum shearing units
  • Knife holder assembly
  • Collecting chute for mounted knife (2 pieces)
  • Strip feeding and protecting current non-conducting table system
  • Knife heating unit
  • Feed pump units
  • Solid-state power-supply sources (2 pieces)
  • Electric control cabinet
  • PLC control unit
  • Operator control station
  • Material regeneration pump
  • Special cables and connecting cables
  • Earthing testers
  • Internal sprinkler body lighting system
  • Safety block system
  • Oil expander unit with tray
  • Low carbon steel oil expander
  • Unheated waste oil tanks
  • Two-sided filter 60 micron
Strip electrostatic oiling machine. Description.

A steel strip electrostatic oiling machine is designed for full-width overall spread of different oils over a strip for better metal corrosion resistance and lubrication during steel strip stretching.

The electrostatic oiler given by the engineering company ENCE GmbH as an example is capable of overall spreading of oil over the top and bottom sides of a horizontally moving strip.

The functional principle of a strip electrostatic oiling machine is that it employs electrostatic forces from knife edge electrostatic charge to spread. The latter disperses the oil to the drops of small diameter when contacting it as a liquid of electrical resistance. The electrostatic oiling procedure, as opposed to high pressure air/liquid nozzle spraying, ensures a more accurate and even layer due to well-spread smaller particles. Small oil particles equally charged repel each other thus building oily emulsion curtain. Apart from repelling and dispersion, the small particles get attracted to the steel strip of the opposite charge and ensure the uniform covering.

Steel strip electrostatic oiling system offered by the engineering company ENCE GmbH can be used only with electrically non-conductive oils, organic lubricants with max. viscosity 80 cPs at operating temperature. For exceeding viscosity values and temperature/viscosity sensitive materials, heating elements can be optionally offered.

«C» — shaped sprinkler body frame with guidelines.

Electrostatic body is made from a steel sheet. Body base has an inclination towards the outlet for residual oil collection into a tray. Entrance doors are provided at both end of the body. The entrance doors are equipped with electrical/mechanical safety interlocking devices and polycarbonate sight holes.

Electrostatic oiler due to its construction can be put out of line if its application is not needed. Electrical motor and chain system together with big heavy duty wheels ensure the oiler off-line positioning. The guide system is an easy means of smooth transportation of the oiler to the off-line position when the strip is under voltage.

Aluminum shearing units

One splash aluminum shear unit is on top of the path, the other is at the bottom. Shearing units will be mounted on the telescopic roller carrier mechanism.

The bottom shearing unit is protected with the polypropylene edges applied to the casing. The tables support the strip when it is charged and run out of the casing and in case of voltage loss.

Metering pump unit

Strip oiling machine has a plunger metering pump. The metering pump is powered with a line conjugated servomotor with velocity signals. The pump flow rate is monitored through a system controller and is aligned through the strip velocity signal and an oil film meter.

Oil coating consumption control system

A servodrive is used for metering pump control. The PLC algorithm creates a line velocity basic signal to secure the proper oil quantity supplied to the shearing unit. The algorithm refers to the line velocity, the shear width and the pre-selected coating consumption to create the servodrive basic signal.

Safety interlock

Sprinkler doors are equipped with electromechanical high voltage disconnection interlock when open.

High voltage power supply

The scope of supply includes two solid high voltage power supply units. The power supply is a single solid unit with various output voltage values up to 125 kW. The unit with the plexiglass front panel on top of the main sprinkler body is completely integrated.

PLC software for steel strip oiling system was designed to monitor the oil flow quantity through the oil flow monitoring system. It provides the automatic voltage adjustment to make it most effective with reference to the line velocity and pre-selected film rate.

This feature is a manufacturer’s patent-protected technology

Knife heating units

This unit is specifically designed for blade pre-heating. It is a simple stand-alone close-loop system consisting of:

  • Minor tank with an oil level switch.
  • Heating and oil circulation pump.

The control equipment for the oil heating unit is installed in an electric cabinet for easy access. Piping inside the knives creates a heat transfer close-loop system for oil heating. The knives are connected with the oil pre-heater via PTFE piping.

Electrical control cabinet

The steel electrical control cabinet is NEMA 12 enclosure. It accommodates a PLC, servodrive controls, main circuit breaker and fuses. The electrical cabinet contents are pre-wired to terminals.

Operator control panel

All control devices are built into the control panel top surface. The control panel has an LCD-display with membrane keyboard, safety key switches and emergency stop push button for automatic and manual operating modes of a steel strip oiling machine and maintenance. All push buttons are industry-standard oil-proof.

Expansion tank column structure with tray

Expansion tank column structure is complete with one carbon steel expansion tank. The tank is equipped with a sight glass for level indication. The min. and max. level switches transmit the signal to the transfer pump.

Noncontact immersed heaters perform heating, for which emptying the tanks during cleaning or replacement is not required. The heaters are controlled by thermostats needed to sustain the suitable temperature viscosity of the surface material for ensuring optimal conditions for coating.

The tank filter is used for filtering the oil coming to the tank. Coarse double filters are used for filtering at the proportioning pump inlet as well as for reclaimed material.

The oil tank is installed on the common base with proportioning pumps, filters and oil reclaiming pump. All electric connections are prewired in the connection box.

Interface communication relationship

«Standard» interface signals which are created between the strip oiler and the main controller (central control board) operating on the line are transmitted via analogous and digital Inputs/Outputs.

Additional information

Apart from steel strip oiling system, ENCE GmbH engineering company delivers a broad range of equipment and accessories for sheet rolling, hot galvanizing lines and strip polymer coating: